In of us who’ve put their faith

In this chapter alone, and if you just follow what it’s saying, The Holy Spirit is involved in our salvation in verses 1;2, in our sanctification in 3;4. And all throughout the chapter He gives us life and peace, He guides us, empowers us, helps us, prays for us and finally assures us of our place in God’s family.And a final reason I think it’s considered so important would be, because this chapter contains the very basis of Christianity. Because of Christ’s actions on the cross, taking the punishment and condemnation that should have been ours. He made it, so that for those of us who’ve put their faith and trust in Him, will never be condemned or suffer the punishment we deserve.

There’s a story about a girl who had a very big, round nose that many people thought destroyed her beauty. But, no one thought it made her uglier than she thought it did. Her entire life, she grew up always thinking of herself as an ugly person. So, her family hired a plastic surgeon to give her a nose job.

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The surgeon did his work, and after a while the time came when he could take the bandages off and they all could see how it turned out. So, the doctor removed the bandages, and when he looked at it, he saw the operation was successful. Her nose was completely different. When the incisions healed and the redness disappeared, she would be a beautiful girl.

He proudly held a mirror up for the girl to finally see herself. But the problem was, for such a long time this girl thought of herself as so ugly that it became a part of her life. And because of that, when she saw herself in the mirror, she couldn’t see any change at all. She started to cry, and she screamed at the doctor, “I knew it wouldn’t work!” The doctor had to work with her for a long time before she’d finally accept the fact that she was different.

And the moment that she accepted it, her whole behavior and future outlook began to change.


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