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In this assignment I will be drawing up plans to access my website’s design aimed at meeting a specific purpose. Website testing is very important for businesses with websites.

One importance of website testing is that it helps avoid functionality issues. Some reasons for doing this is to see what happens if there is a registration form and a user does not fill in all the required spaces or enters incorrect data in a different section, etc. All this is done to make sure that the users are not getting tripped up on any part of the website and have a smooth browsing experience. Another importance of website testing is to make sure that there are no browser bugs. This is because older browsers do not adhere to the same standards as the new ones and so it will be best for the website to be tested on other websites to see how it looks elsewhere. If this is not checked the website can have broken layouts, spacing issues and many more and therefore the testing important so that these are checked and correctly. For a website to be tested it will have to go through two stages and they are Functional/System setting and User Acceptance Testing. The first stage is the Functional or system testing.

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This testing verifies that each website function is operating in accordance with the required specification. This testing mostly deals with black box testing and is not concerned about the source code of the application. Every functionality of the website is tested by comparing the actual results with the expected results, verifying the input and providing appropriate input. The testing involves checking the Database, security, client/server applications, User interface and many more. This type of testing can be done manually or automatically. Some advantages of Functional Testing is that It produces a defect-free product. It ensures that the customer/end-user is satisfied.

It ensures the all the requirements are met. It ensures the proper working of all the functionalities of a website. It ensures that the website works as expected. It ensures security and safety and It improves the quality of the product. The second stage is the User Acceptance Testing. This type of testing is done by the Client to ensure that the system meets the requirements that was agreed upon.

The user acceptance testing is done in the final stage of the website testing before it goes commercial. The aim of this testing is to validate the end to end business flow. It doesn’t focus on the spelling mistakes or system testing. This testing is done in a separate testing environment with production like data setup. It is a kind of black box testing where two or more end users are involved.

The User Acceptance Testing is performed by client and end users.


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