In women are changing with its recent development.

In India, the life and conditions of women are changing with its recent development. The changes are positive enough with respect to the empowerment of woman. They are free to make their decisions and are ready to set wings to their career. Women have now entered an all paid occupation irrespective of any barriers. They are given numerous opportunities for their sustainability. This was possible only due to awareness and motivation of people that women can work and this aspire them to grow. Sometimes the women even join the work force due to economic conditions of the family; they try to be the helping hand of the family by supporting them financially.  This has positive effect on the family and their work life as well.

People are more understanding in such cases. The marriage is smooth, family life is normal and the children are all fine until there is balancing issue with their corporate life and their personal life. Many successful women have been stars in their field. Such people who shine in their work life need to manage many other family responsibilities. In the changing world scenario, the women are conquering the world with a huge bag of responsibilities behind them. They go parallel with their corporate as well as their personal life maintaining a proper equilibrium between the both. The study of work life balance of the women is a way to understand the responsibilities and the problems. A woman plays multiple roles such as employee, partner, mother, friend, daughter etc.

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They tend to manage various roles at a time, hence they will face lot many issues while balancing all the balls in air.  The maintenance of the balance of their work and their life is difficult when it comes to the women more difficult when it’s a woman who goes for a project overseas and stays away from her family. The women are more burdened in such cases; they must handle their career development and their personal life as well.

They must balance both with difficulty as both of them are equally important for them. They try to manage them to the core but sometimes staying away from family, the kids and their responsibilities it’s burdensome for them. 


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