In the US around 24 miles per gallon

In the US around 24 miles per gallon is regarded as good car mileage, the benchmark for environmental improvements is set pretty low for the Ford Motor Company. Balancing the needs of the planet and car company is certainly complex for a manufacturer that employs 164,000 people to make around 5m cars a year. Ford claims to be making progress on greening its fleet through the product sustainability index which aims to use more sustainable products, such as recycled materials and soy-based seating foam. It has reduced water use mostly associated with cooling and painting per vehicle by 49% from 2000 to 2010. Ford also recently announced a survey of energy use and carbon emissions by its 128 global suppliers.

Ford manufactures the F 150, one of America’s most popular full-size pickup trucks. The F150’s 5.6 litre engine takes an average of 17 miles to guzzle a gallon of petrol. Ford, knows as a motor company it needs to try and help save the environment by, using eco-friendly products and also trying to use alternatives to the products they are using high amounts for because, this creates a problem for the business

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