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In the research about “Humor” by Alice Monroe, Ph.D., a psychologist at Cornell University, in Ithaca, New York, shows that humor is one of the best-on-the-spot stress busters because people after watching or experience comedy see clear the consequences of a given decision. Dr. Isen also mentions physiological effects of a good laugh helps to free stress. “Nowadays stress is not caused by the situation itself, but by how we perceive the situation”- stated by Allen Elkin, Ph.D.
Humor is the healthiest stress busting or relief. For example, if you see a person always complaining about their life, how they look mad or serious without any laugh in their face, it make them more stressful than they are. That’s why a simple sign of happiness will make them feel positive about life and their environment.
Most people tend to stress themselves easily by minor things and lose the best moments of their life. The clock is ticking and it is going forward, and it is not going to go backwards because of you. So instead of make little things a priority, look the funny way to convert that as an example to enjoy life.


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