In difference even if Hong Kong seems more

In the Quality of Life rankings of 2017, Hong Kong was ranked 54th best and Philippines was ranked 64th. The Quality of Life index consists of factors including consumer prices, health care, safety, purchasing power, cost of living, property price to income ratio, traffic commute time, pollution and climate.The Philippines’ pollution index has a terribly high score of 70.25, and Hong Kong scored a close 69.90. And the traffic commute time index scores for the Philippines is 45.

14 and Hong Kong scored 42.22. The Philippines’ purchasing power index scored a 31.75 and Hong Kong scored a high 76.49. As for the safety indexes, the Philippines scored 59.58, and Hong Kong scored 78.

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03. And the health care scores for the Philippines were 66.64, and Hong Kong scored 66.84, there wasn’t a big difference even if Hong Kong seems more advanced. The cost of living index scores for Hong Kong was 74.73, and the Philippines scored a low 32.

78. And the property price to ratio index scores for the Philippines was 19.45, and Hong Kong had a score of 46.89. And finally, the Philippines scored 60.82 for the climate index and Hong Kong scored 64.

68.In conclusion, Hong Kong and the Philippines had similarities excluding the purchasing power index, the safety index, the cost of living index, and the property price to ratio index. In my opinion, I find Hong Kong way safer than the Philippines, and I find it easier to live here in general.


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