In factors whitin the organization. Organization can

In the present business environment, organisations will have to consider several internal and external factors in order to mentain proper operational process.

HR management team plays a key role in developing working atmosphere and the effective utilization of all the factors whitin the organization.Organization can be calssified in:1. Public – generally providing essential services such as health, social services, education and policing. They are responsible to central government and those who run theem sre accountable to the public. Public organizations rely on taxpayers for fnding, and the HR departments tend to be large and able to provide HR Specialist ssupport in different areas.

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2. Private – are organisations owned by private individuals. These are industrial and commercial companies that respond to the demands of the market and make profit for their shareholders. The HR department in the private sector is small with more room for innovtive strategies.3. Non government, non profit – such as charity shops, charity orgnisation rely on government funding, gifts, grants and earned income. The staff is frequently very mission-focused and gains job satisfaction due to them being committed to the cause.The nature of the organisation and the HR model used to manage the people in it are strictly related, as the management style higly depends on the particular business.There are four different models of the HR Function:• Traditional HR function• The three leggeg stool• Outsourcing• Consultancy


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