In they need more attention and love

In the Philippines, teenage pregnancies are significantly increased. The Philippine Statistic Authority (PSA) specify that 24 babies are born to young parent mothers every hour. (The Philippine Star, 2017). Having said that, Philippines have difficulty to find a solution about this problem because society is not ready to deal with the issue of teenage pregnancy (Santos, 2017). It is a serious issue that may affect the future of a young woman. Adolescent pregnancy will be a challenge by a lack of skills about being a pregnant and a motherhood. On this stage they need more attention and love from their family (Faeza, 2016). UN says that the Philippines is belong in the regional list of Asian countries that extend to have a highest number of teenage pregnancies (Rahman, 2016). The number of a young woman aged 15 to 19 who are attaining pregnant in the Philippines are increasing from 4.4 percent in 2002 and has increased from 11 percent in 2013 (Echaluce, 2017). National Statistics Office Showed that the number of teenage mothers who gave their birth to their second child during their teenage years increased last 10 years (Morales, 2013). Due to the official ranking of the United Nation Population Fund Agency in 2012, teenage pregnancies are increased at 70% last ten years (Philippine News Agency, 2012). There was a consistency in the rate of teenage pregnancy. Every increased there has a further consequence of abortions and fetus losses (Scott, 1981).

According to Christ Centered Counseling Network or CCCN (2017) there are major causes why they get into that situation: poverty, broken home, separation of couple, single parent, death, peer pressure or influence, lust, religious beliefs and practices, rape, alcoholism and drug abuse, lack of knowledge, environmental influence and pornography because of these major causes, every pregnant teen will be having a different consequence. There are some causes or factors of being pregnant among teenager: ignorance or lack of education, pressure and absent presents (Ronquillo, 2017). Most of the female college students are implicated in sexual relationships. These type of pregnancy are unexpected or expected to caring the child is a full time job. Having a child when you’re still a student it becomes stressful because it will consume a lot of time and effort as a mother (Brown ; Amankwaa, 2007). When pregnant students are assumed to lesser their needs and wants. They are obligatory to seize roles of being a mother and a student (Breg ; Mamhute, 2013). There is school policy where a student can have a temporarily dismissed from school due to adolescent pregnancy to continue their education (Okeyo, 2012). Teenage pregnancy is one reason to stop the young pregnant to completing the school (Pandor, 2007). School drop-out or interrupted schooling is a one of the social consequences by being a young pregnant (Cunningham ; Boult, 1996). Adolescent mother was continuously absent from school which can affect their educational performances (Chigona ; Chetty, 2007). As stated by Kidwell (2004) caring a child while you are a student is difficult if the student wants to continue her schooling, it will possible if she has a family member who will give an additional help to care for the child because raising a child includes a financial, emotional and practical planning. Lack of time is one of the major issues to handle family and student responsibilities (Liversidge, 2004). To manage the things that is needed, they must have a physical and emotional support from the both partner and parents of the student-mother (Groham ; Renelamn, 2009). Teenage mothers are not ready for this kind of situation or problem they must need to have social support from their friends and family (Moffit ; the E-Risky Study Team, 2002). Teen pregnancies sustain the cycle of poverty because most of pregnant teenagers have no source of income later in life (Inquirer, n.d). Those teenage mothers are mostly poor, have low educational attainment and stay in rural areas (Natividad, 2013).
Teenage pregnancy can also have negative social and economic outcome. Unmarried pregnant young woman may face rejection by their parents and threats of brutality (World Organization Health, 2018). It is an important issue in particular reasons. Children who born to teenage mother can suffer to social and emotional problems than children born to older mother. A woman who become pregnant at young age can have a risk for some medical complications (Health Communities, n.d). Teenage pregnancies can have a risks to the both baby and the mother. It can also affect social, physical, emotional being of the young woman (Parungao, Bautista,,2014). Pregnant teenagers have no origin of income and they may have financial difficulties because of that many of them die since they are lack of proper medical attention and their reproductive organs is not ready for giving birth (Dr. Casiple, 2017). In the Philippines, there is insufficiently parental care for the pregnant mother. One major complication in adolescent pregnancy is complication during pregnancy: high blood pressure and kidney damage also to swelling in different body parts (The Asian Parent Philippines, n.d).
According to the University of the Philippines Population Institute, the reason of becoming pregnant at an early age are limited access sex education and reproductive health services (Aseanlip, 2017). Majority countries believe that teenage pregnancy can have destructive effects on the teen’s social life. It is one modern society’s problem and it is a frighten situation (Saha, 2017). Teenage pregnant may not only affect the mother and the child but also the society itself (Barcelos ; Gabrium, 2014). Teen moms they will lose their old lives when they give birth (Lynn, 2011). Their new lives will turn around in the baby. It may fall them into depression they have been correlated with difficulties such as low self-efficacy, poor knowledge of child development, depression, insecurity (Schmidt, 2009). Young mothers may involve in higher level of parenting stress compared to the matured moms (Passino,, 1993). There is a higher rate of postpartum depression among adolescent pregnant when they differentiate to adult mothe r (Lanzi,, 2009). Postpartum depression includes more serious symptoms than baby blues. It may encounter this in their adult counterpart. Depression symptoms won’t go away easily but baby blues symptoms will go away in a few weeks after (Healthline, n.d). Baby blues are changing of mood any time after childbirth (The bump, n.d). There are a teen-parenting programs. It may increase the sell-efficacy of the teen parents because of that they will have a higher level of confidence and self-assurance (Bowman, 2012). Self-esteem of the young moms will increase by producing the needed health care to themselves (Ford, 2001). Pregnant mothers are required to control their stress by patience and maturity (Bodeeb, 2017). The problem of teenage pregnancies cannot be value without understanding the sexual behavior of an adolescents (Cohen,, n.d).


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