In your pursuit. Doubt cuts across all facets

In reality, no onecan run away from disappointments, let-down is one of the inevitabilities oflife as we sourly know it, and surely, there is enough of it to go round. Thequestion now is, how do we individually cope with disappointment? How strong isour padding effect when we are faced by subsequent disappointments?In my study, Iused the term padding effect, using variable X and Y to determine how anindividual absorbs  and copes withgrieve/disappointment. Variable X being Pessimist and variable Y being theOptimist.In my summation ofboth variables, I posited that variable X has higher coping tendency dealingwith disappointment due to low task enthusiasm and low reward expectancy whilein Y, the task interest is likely to be higher because Y anticipates positivereward even in the hot stare of uncertainty.

The power of Can is diminutive inX and it is often replaced with ‘what if’ because X anticipates potentialfailure and as a result resort to aversion and perhaps withdrawal in absence ofpersuasion. While failure does not come to mind first for Y because Y does notevaluate risk and as a result, Y is disappointed by the outcome of actions whenfailure comes. We can say X is an object of subjective social reality becausethe variable’s illation of the environment is drawn from illogical angle.

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Thesebehavioral patterns are adaptive-a function of the brain’s analyticalboundaries.Now, let’s narrowit down, counter-productive convictions are basically one of the majorhindrances of achievement. ‘The what if?’ factor. No way can you be determinedto succeed if you are doubtful about the eventual success of your pursuit.

Doubt cuts across all facets of human life. From hustle, to faith, torelationships; doubt begets stagnation, if not failure. Determination means understanding bothyour strengths and your weaknesses — and maximizing one while trying tominimize the other.Resolvingcounter-productive convictions is simple. Just think it, just do it.

There willalways be two sides of a coin, so just flip it. 


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