In my communication. firstly, one of the many

In the one to one interaction there are many factors that influenced the effectiveness of my communication. firstly, one of the many factors which made my communication effective was being assertive through speech. Whilst I was talking to the lady service user I wanted to make her feel comfortable in me being around her to make a Christmas antler. I used my speech to show assertiveness as I was able to speak clearly with good pronunciation which helped her to understand better when I was explaining the activity. From this factor, I could instantly see from her smile and little responses such as “mhmm” she was understanding what I had been saying.

I also took my time to speak to her as I didn’t want her to feel as though I was rushing her or I was in a rush to help others, therefore this also showed that I am focusing on her and her needs whilst making the antlers. Also by making myself aware of her needs during the activity, it showed her that I am willing to support her needs. From this I was able to gain her trust as she allowed me to draw around her fingers to get the shape of her hands as she was unable to do so herself.

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Therefore, this also showed the service user that she is still able to make and create things with just an extra hand. Whilst making the antlers, another factor which made my communication effective was being positive. This is part of an interpersonal skill, as a person I like to be positive and motivating at all times.

Therefore, during the activity when the service user starts to assemble the pieces I used praises such as ‘well done’ or ‘that’s looks great’ this allowed her to feel confident about herself and her the piece of art she had been making. Also during the process some of the pieces had fallen off which had made the service user feel dishearten and wanted to give up, however I instantly assured her by helping her to fix the piece back this may have given her hope and boosted her self-esteem as she proudly wore her piece of work, as it was a Christmas reindeer headband. On the other hand, I feel that a weak factor had also influence my one to one interaction which was I often repeated myself to much due to her body language, as I felt she was struggling whilst putting the pieces together therefore I just wanted to give her some extra support in guiding her what to do again. Therefore, to improve this weakness of mine I need to give the service user some time and not repeat myself even if she looks as though she is struggling instead wait for her to ask for help or guidance. Although i was able to bring it back to being effective towards the end by calling a member of staff to show off her master piece. This brought a smile and a few giggles on the service user whilst they had a mini photoshoot with very own Christmas reindeer headband, it was an achievement to being able to help her create the piece and also to see a very happy service user.


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