In analytical thinking is not the one

In the new millennia, which is referring to the 21st century, the society is bombarded by technological advancement and rapid globalization. It can be noticed that the management have sought and reaped the benefits by these attributes throughout this world. Therefore, the traditional management which relies on left brain thinking, deductive reasoning and analytical thinking is not the one and only way to achieve success. Managers should also have different skills based on their right brain such as critical thinking and value-driven problem solving. However, research has shown that the 21st century has leave organisational leaders and managers nowadays struggling with challenges and obstacles in their respective workplace. The challenges they are facing mostly are part of the new and emerging paradigm in management, debated and discussed on the organisational management.

If managers today fail to transform the challenges they faced to opportunities effectively, this situation may lead to poor productivity and convert them to high operating costs, bringing threats to the profitability and sustainability of the organisation. Hence, this purpose of this report is to critically analyse the management challenges in all business organisations nowadays, evaluate them in the context of different theoretical perspective and finally address the solutions to overcome these issues.

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