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In the movie, Finding Nemo directed by Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich, there are many heros that face the vulnerable journey of becoming a hero. Like Marlin. In majority of movies, the hero’s journey can show what the hero goes through and how the hero faces their trials and tribulations with some guidance of helpful guardians. Finding Nemo shows every step of the hero’s journey and how it follows what the hero, in this case Marlin, must do, so his life could go back to normal.

Therefore, even though the hero goes through a lot of dangerous stuff, they manage to get over with it and return to their original life. In movies, heroes face many trials and tribulations in their journeys, but have the ability to face them. Even though heroes face these trials, they also counter with guardians that help them go through their journey. The three steps I chose to the life of the hero Marlin as depicted in the film Finding Nemo are call to adventure, meeting the mentor, tests,allies, and enemies. Marlin is a timid clownfish who lives safe and secluded in the colorful and warm tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef. After the devastating, life changing event when starting a family, specifically when a hostile fish devoured his wife and all his unborn kids, Marlin had been a cowardly, cautious individual who lacks socialism and simply “can’t tell a joke”. He limits, rescues, protects and controls Nemo, and expectations are low for Nemo’s ability, due to his disability.

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He is somber, worried and agitated about every detail in Nemo’s life. In fact, Marlin’s life completely revolves around Nemo’s life. Also, Marlin can’t acknowledge or admit that he has any problems. In this movie, Marlin, the hero, must find and rescue his son, Nemo, who has been captured by divers. Although Marlin is afraid he wills himself to journey the deepest, darkest, most dangerous areas of the ocean to find Nemo. Following Joseph Campbell’s steps, Marlin eventually becomes an epic hero by following the epic hero journey and relinquishes his flaws. “Finding Nemo” would be a fitting selection of a fictional depiction of the Hero’s Journey.The Call to Adventure is simply a beckon for a journey to establish.

The hero is called to adventure by some external event or messenger. The Hero may accept the call willingly or reluctantly. In this case, Marlin was forced to leave his passive habitat in order to locate his son taken away from him. This event pulled him out of his everyday tranquil life in his coral enclave, into a deep quest of peril. The call began on Nemo’s field trip to the drop-off. Marlin panicked when he realized that his only son would be going to the tragic area.

Nemo, defiantly in anger, swam in open sea headed towards the boat after Marlin scolded him loudly and embarrassed him. A huge human diver emerged out of nowhere and captured Nemo. In desperation while being blinded by a camera flash, Marlin inconsiderately swam out to his greatest fear; the open sea which consists of unpredictable risks and hazards.

The hero is often accompanied on the journey by a helper who assists in the series of tests and generally serves as a loyal companion. Alternately, the hero may encounter a supernatural helper in the world of adventure who fulfills this function. Dory, the supernatural aid, is found when the two fishes collide amid the confusion. The Supernatural Aid is companion or guide that helps the hero of what is in need, which would offer advice, direction, and skills. The kind-hearted but extremely absent-minded optimistic blue tang fish first knows which direction the boat went. She also has the ability to read, which helped in different situations, and could speak whale, which was essential to the quest as well.

Being a convivial female, other fish tend to enjoy her company or like her. The school of small silver fish deliberately taunted and mocked Marlin and refused to answer him. Dory on the other hand, was treated kindly and they answered her questions adequately with respect.

As the two fish continue on their journey, encountering numerous dangers, Dory’s optimism continually forces Marlin to find the courage to take risks and overcome his fears. The hero must recommit to completing the journey & travel the road back to the Ordinary World. The dramatic question is asked again.

This sometimes includes another challenge for the hero to overcome. Marlin is put to the test to see if he has learned his lesson. Dory is caught in a net and Nemo wants to save her, but Marlin is reluctant to let Nemo go. He finally realizes that he must let Nemo grow up and take some risk. He must also have confidence in Nemo so he can save Dory. Nemo draws from his lessons in the tank and uses an idea that Gil used to break away from the net.


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