In the mind of architects

Timothy Hill who is a renowned architect argues that, architects have an obligation to their clients to deliver a good project and commit themselves to facilitating flow of ideas that will help in building of great structures (Abc.

net, 2011). However, most often this is not seen as the case by clients since on some occasionally the architects are blamed when things go wrong without even giving them the credit for other great and wonderful projects that the same architects might have designed. Architect Doll Kombumerri raises an issue that should be of concern, he laments that, it is time the Australians address a crisis he refers as “a problem of own identity” that has contributed to people of Australia to adore the English house designs (, 2011). Doll further condemns the Australian people for the passion to have “federation, or neo federation” kind of houses especially in Queensland region, because of reasons such as not being environmental friendly, not reflecting Australians cultures and negatively impact on the climate as well (, 2011). In the same regard, Glenn argues that, he has a problem in developing the Australian designs because people do not buy these ideas. In fact, according to Peter Mclntyre, the Australians used to stare strangely at one of his work the River-house while wondering what it actually is (Abc.

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net, 2011).

Sugimoto house in Kyoto

Sugimito’s house is an old building constructed in the year 1743 under the ownership of the Sugimoto family; today, the Sugimoto house situated in Kyoto town has been reconstructed in a strategy to preserve the house after its destruction by fire in the year 1870 (Copan, 2010). The restructured building was constructed under influence of ideas by “the Chinese capital chang’An” in what was described as a tedious task of restructuring it (Copan, 2010). This house measures about 435m2 of the 1,200m2 plot and is actually smaller than the original building; inside the building consists of a shop, Sugimoto’s family living quarters, and worker quarters as well (Copan, 2010). The entire building is constructed with walls that are made of wooden panels and paper frames designed in a unique way while the floor of the house is build in a way that can allow different functions at different times.

The dining room can for instance double up as a dining hall and bedroom by use of flexible cardboard wall that is flexible (Copan, 2010). Looking at the house image, one can see that the Sugimoto house is a town and an artist work that comprise of 15 rooms in average which have been designed in a complex manner with the generation from the family living in there. This house has been preserved so well and currently serves as a cultural heritage center for many years (Copan, 2010).

Touch the earth lightly

Glenn Murcutt is an Australian architect who has won several awards for his great art and wonderful buildings that are only found in Australia (Marty, 2010). Glenn’s commitment to his career has seen a lot of changes in the architect industry in the country which have had positive impact to the economy and environment since his designed building are built in a way to conserve energy and use less cost in maintaining it (Marty, 2010). His work is admired by many people and has gained popularity in Australia leading to a successive career by Gleen who has been inspired by several artist among them Richard Neutra a California architect, Craig Ellwood, and Alvar Aalto a Scadinivanian architect whose work portrays simplicity (Marty, 2010).

Glenn is very keen and works towards producing great art work that is synchronized with movements of the natural light and wind. Mostly, his work is influenced by movement of sun, moon or change of season thus producing wonderful job which is also economical because of the cheap materials used for building such as glass, stones and corrugated metals among others. In fact, his sophisticated buildings do not necessarily need expensive air conditioners because they are designed to have open balcony that act as natural room temperature regulators that provide enough fresh air for the whole house (Marty, 2010).

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