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In The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald allocates a widespread of subliminal messages, hinting what comes with the desired American dream – money, love, and betrayal. In the novel, Fitzgerald reflects his own personal experience through his characters on being an outsider; Subsequently, he managed to cope with the pain through his writing. His most well known written novel, The Great Gatsby depicts the American society in the 1920s jazz era. Exposing the fidelity when money takes over. Narrator, Nick Carraway, opens up the story with advice he was given by his father, foreshadowing what will unravel throughout the novel. Nick is unlike his neighbors; whereas they are blinded by money and comprised of corrupt mindsets. Aside from Nick lives Jay Gatsby, one of the most wealthiest men in New York City. Having an intimidating neighbor, Nick views his house as an eyesore, feeling misplaced. The well known Gatsby whose real name is James Gatz, lives his entire life flooded in sorrow and lies. On account of his wealth, James throws extravagant parties. Unfortunately, being in the presence of thousands of guest is rather more lonely without one particular person, Daisy. He does not associate with anybody who attend his parties due to the feeling of displacement. Rumors of his wealth origin around him, casting an inquiring shadow about his outlook. He is set apart from others by not valuing money as a priority, but by honoring true love.
Gatsby’s nightmare has become his reality. The confession of Daisy moving on after refusing to leave her husband leaves Gatsby in shock. He stands outside of the Buchanan house feeling like an outsider figuratively and literally. This factor is brought upon by internal forces after being denounced by his loved one. He comes to the realization, money cannot acquire happiness. Wealth in Gatsby’s eyes was not about the luxurious lifestyle he possessed, but about ardouring fondness full of merriment sought through Daisy. Living in West Egg, Gatsby is situated across from Daisy’s house gazing a green light at the end of Daisy’s dock. He escapes to the future of an American dream.
Going back to Daisy’s first encounter with Gatsby’s mansion, they share a romantic moment reminiscing the love they once shared. Her attitude was buoyant, yet took a sharp turn into sadness. Her explanation to the scene was due to her love for the shirts. To others, they were plain shirts, but her true feelings were kept unspoken, five years gone to waste. Memorized by Gatsby’s wealth, she feels instant regret creeping upon skin; She should’ve waited for him. Nevertheless, it is too late. Gatsby has died and no one feels sorrow. Through his thousands of guest, only limited people showed up to his funeral: Nick, the minister, Henry Gatz, five servants, the postman and Owl Eyes. Displaying how truly lonely Gatsby’s life has been. Presently, the green light muses Gatsby’s dreams deferred. With a new perspective, Nick embodies their endeavor as a boat on its path to the future, fixed in a current that inescapably brings them back to past. An American dream that sank before reaching the end of its journey.


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