In movie besides they were young when their

In the first place, the situation is not easy for the children based in the movie besides they were young when their mother left them. It is still harder to understand the situation at the first place and there’s a scene that Medy ( Pokwang ) promised to her son that she’ll come back soon but she didn’t. If I were one of Medy’s child, I will be angry because she never called nor text or give letter to us in the past 7 years and it sucks. But as a child, I should know what’s happening because I have the right too. But after all the anger, she’s still my mother and always be my mother and I will understand her situation because it’s not easy being an OFW. Maybe she made mistakes for not telling the truth or not promising her promise yet I’m still proud of her because she never forget and she returned to her family no matter how hard it is. I will still love my mom.


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