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In the final year of engineering, I got a chance to work on a live project at Cummins electronic development department. My project focused on electronic control unit part inside vehicle engines. Interrupt programming a low power consumption Renesas controller to push multiple sensors’ data to SQL databases by calling a web API was an integral part of the project. Successfully completing the given tasks well before the deadlines gave us an opportunity to program display backlight using Pulse-Width-Modulation to reduce power consumption further below 50% prompting us to name our project as Smart Graphic Display. Experiencing real life implementation of topics learned in my courses such as Object Oriented Programming, Computer Networks, Embedded Systems and RTOS, Data Structures and Algorithms piqued my interest in computer science.

My fascination towards software development was consolidated when I gained exposure to neural networks during my final semester course of Soft Computing, my HELLO WORLD moment. I was intrigued by the problem solving challenges it had to offer and the science that goes into Visualizing, Capturing and Manipulating data. Despite having a narrow exposure to this field in my under graduation, this mere curiosity soon became a passion for me. The day after my graduation, I joined as a UI developer intern at Mark Enterprises, a medical engineering firm, taking my first step towards Visualization of data. I quickly became familiar with HTML, CSS and Javascript to design multiple web pages for effective representation of data. Consuming latest open-source libraries like D3JS for displaying sales and marketing data from excel, updated me with current trends. The hard work paid off when, based on my performance, I was asked to improve the user experience of the business website after which a 67% rise in visitors was achieved. This allowed me better insights into industry standards of handling data.

Progressing towards server side programming to accomplish my next goal of Capturing and Manipulating data, I worked as a software developer at Cybernetics Software Pvt. Ltd, an access control software development company. I worked on Microsoft’s .Net, a software application development framework based on C# and VB. Gaining mastery over Winforms(desktop based) and Webforms(Web based), I learned the shortcomings of legacy frameworks for software development. Soon, on 5th June 2017, I grabbed the opportunity to be a full stack developer at Intellection Software & Technologies Pvt. Ltd. as I worked on ASP.Net Web API as backend with Angular 5 as frontend. It was a multi-tenant architecture application used to manage pressure vessel inspection, where the tenant specific data was stored in MongoDB and the user management related data was stored in Microsoft SQL server.

I was known to release deliverables on time because I understood the importance of source code control tools like Git & project management tools like JIRA, following my organization into SCRUM development. Impressed by my potential, I was selected to spearhead proof of concept implementation for audio fingerprinting and recognition algorithm to be used for Target-Rating-Point in TV. I succeeded by applying Fast-Fourier-Transform with NumPy and SciPy (Python), to samples of audio and it was at this point I discovered the true dynamism of combining the strong foundation laid by my undergraduate studies with computer science. With this accomplishment, after perusing some IEEE papers, I am now working on realizing video fingerprinting detection using skew detection algorithm via text row accumulation, the underlying principle of Google’s Tesseract OCR engine.

“I call it Soul-Programming”. Besides professional interests, most of the knowledge I have gained is through watching videos and I often save them for future referencing. But saving entire videos with unnecessary content took too much space from my hard disk. So I undertook a personal project, an application that would trim a video as per my requirements and merge multiple video clips into one. I was a client to my own product and it taught me more about how not to write a program rather than how to write one. I developed it on the (MongoDB, Express, Angular5, NodeJS) MEAN stack with FFmpeg library shell script wrapper written in node. I also added provision for applying audio and video filters with transition effects between two merged video clips to make revising concepts more interactive. In the spirit of ‘together we rise’, I also have uploaded this program to my personal github repository, welcoming pull requests. To add to my learning, I have got certifications in ‘Java’, ‘Angular5’, ‘SCRUM’, ‘Google Analytics’ and ‘Microsoft Share Point’.

My inquisitive nature and a strong desire to ingrain fundamental concepts of any subject of study has enabled me to achieve a first class in the final year of my undergraduate. Due to my practical knowledge, I was awarded 89 percent score in my final year project.

I like to put my wits against the best in various fields. During my polytechnic diploma, I attained first prize in a technical quiz at a state level competition. Due to my excellent academic record and extra-curricular activities here, I clinched the best outstanding award. During my undergraduate, I was the captain for my college swimming team when I won a silver medal at the prestigious ‘Sinhgad Sports Karandak’. I am a state silver medalist in swimming and have won multiple medals for my city, Pune. I donate blood at least once a year and last year, I was a part of a cause that collected more than 2000 liters of blood in one day.


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