In inspiration for human to think further

In the era of major transportation, land transportation is the first transport system. In the beginning, land and water is one of the first transportation around the world. Furthermore, the rapidly growing world, people continues to create air transportation.

Besides that, there many examples that make the inspiration for human to think further and developed the air transportation. Other than that, flight history reaches over two thousand years, from the earliest attempt trial. For example, from kites, birds, glider until the flight progresses heavier than air, supersonic and hypersonic flights.

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As another example, the main object of humans producing is from the kites. Next, in the present era. The aircraft is a very important transportation to humans. This is because it facilitates the distance of a human journey.

Hence, the aircraft was created in modern times now. Furthermore, when the aircraft is produced many of them think and imagine how this plane can be produced. Besides that, they also think that aircraft are able to fly without having a lot of dangerous risks.

While, the heavily tiled aircraft can fly and float in the air. According to its logic, due to the gravitational force of the earth while the mass is heavier and the aircraft will crash into the earth. So how does this created aircraft fly? This is because when the air movement along the air wing of the airplane creates a lift on the wing of the airplane. At the same time, due to the aerial body shape of the airplane.

Lift is also produced throughout the airplane. This lift is greater than the gravitational force and that why the airplane can fly safely. Next, back to 1480, the first attempt Leonardo Da Vinci make the creation of the god to make air transportation for example birds. It is the idea of Leonardo Da Vinci.

He is, the creator of Ornithopters to help his arms and legs to flapping his wings. Leonardo Da Vinci is a scientist, architect and painter of Monalisa. In addition, the earliest design of Ornithopters was from the production of Leonardo Da Vinci in 1480 until almost so close to his death in 1519. Although he did not succeed and failed to create flying machine but his creation became an inspiration to others who followed every creation of Leonardo Da Vinci after his fate.

However, before the death of Leonardo da Vinci and before the creation of Leonardo da Vinci. The first concept of aircraft is from the creation of an Islamic scientist. He was created five hundred years ago, before bacon, abas ibn firnas. A Spanish Muslim who lived in the 9th century still has preceded this creation


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