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In the epic poem Beowulf, he possesses several characteristics including loyalty, bravery, and superhuman strength. In this poem he had to overcome some tough challenges and it tested his character as a person.

One of Beowulf’s characteristics is loyalty. This is rare in most people and it is a good quality to have especially as a king. To show his loyalty he volunteered to fight and kill Grendel with his own men. Then he tracks down Grendel’s mother after she kills Hrothgar’s good friend. Beowulf went and checked in the dragon’s lair but told his men to wait outside.To be a good warrior and king it is great if you acquire bravery and Beowulf shows this trait in many ways.

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To start off he traveled to the land of Danes to prove his courage and bravery by destroying Grendel. Then he fearlessly pursues Grendel’s mother into her underwater lair. Finally he dies fighting against a dragon that is terrorizing his homeland.Superhuman strength is what most good warriors want to have as they are fighting. Beowulf is lucky to have this trait.

First of all he rips off Grendel’s arm with his bare hands. Beowulf carries a giant-forged sword into Grendel’s mother lair. Beowulf single handedly tossed Grendel’s head as it took four men to carry it.In conclusion Beowulf shows several of his many characteristics. He endures and faces many challenges on his quest. He proves his glory and kept his fame through this whole adventure.


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