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In the end, Amir finally atones for his sins when he erases the boundaries and limitations upon which society labels individuals. The beginning of Amir’s redemption is when his guilt turns into a realization of his cowardice. Amir, worrying that he is risking his wealthy life in America but then realizes that “his actions may have cost Hassan a chance at those very same things.”(pg 226) This leads to Amir becoming “sonder” which is a state of realization of the endless complexities in the life of everyone. Amir begins to see not only Hassan, but everyone around him as individuals possessing their own ambitions, routines, and worries. After this realization Amir “plants a fistful of crumpled money under a mattress”(pg 242) in Farid’s house. This is the exact same action he took to get Hassan kicked out of his house; the last time was with malicious intent, and this time he is thinking about the benefits of other people, not just himself. Wahid is impressed and praises, “you Amir are an honorable man, a true Afghan.”(pg 238)Amir has developed and changed as a man, through persisting on his Endeavour of his lifelong aspiration. This selflessness in Amir turns his cowardice as a child into a fuel for doing the right thing in the present. Amir is finally able to make a good decision; a decision that would change his character and his life. He states having “his own dreams for Sohrab.”(pg 362) Shocked by the atrocities and violence in Afghanistan, He takes Sohrab to America so that he can give him what he took away from Hassan, a chance at a higher standard of living, free from the condescending labels given to people in Afghanistan. Amir’s ultimate redemption is realized when his guilt ultimately leads to righteous acts and standing up for truth. Upon being inquired by his father in law what people would think of Sohrab, a Hazara, living with him, Amir firmly asserts the fact that Sohrab was the son of his illegitimate half-brother and shall not be referred to as a “Hazara boy ” in front of him (pg 361). Amir had broken the chains that bound people to stereotypes and classes. He sees beyond these labels that society puts on everyone, and judges people by their actions


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