In Feo, Boucaut, Alderman, & Kitson,2017). The

In the context of prevention, the nurse, as a professional member of the multidisciplinary team, develops an important role in the promotion of health, in the treatment of complications and in the adaptation to the limitations imposed by the disease (Conroy, Feo, Boucaut, Alderman, & Kitson,2017). The nurse directs the plan of care to meet the needs of each patient and family, trying to achieve independence of the patient, in relation to the safe use of their medications, through education since it is essential that the elderly patient is willing to learn and to comply with a good pharmacological treatment.

In fact, according to Scott, et al (2015), the systems of communication of adverse effects generate information, which allows adopting measures that increase the quality of the service. According to Tracy, Fuller, & Upshur (2014), the use of strategies such as the 90-minute extended visit, greatly impacts the patient and his family, as it facilitates the review of the adequacy and reconciliation of medications and which is a vitally important component in the prevention of adverse effects of polypharmacy. The expected outcome is to reduce the rates of adverse drug events, as well as improve the quality of life of the elderly who come to the center and help to promote a culture of care using intelligent prescription systems of medications by of health care providers, the goals of these change project is to specify factors associated with the consumption of medications, as well as demographic variables: age and sex., frame polypharmacy as a health problem in patients >65 year old seen in the medical center for the past 8 weeks, and finally to make suggestions about possible solutions to the problem, from the point of view of nursing. This would help reduce the adverse effect of drugs by polypharmacy and maintain good care of our patients.

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