In nature and how it is affected by

In the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels present their view on the growing class struggles within a modern civilized society. Marx and Engels focus on human nature and how it is affected by the different economic factors at the time such as the expansion of private property, division of labor, and alienation. Sigmund Freud claims that civilization is humanities answer to the problem of pain and suffering. In Civilizations and Discontents, Freud sees a problem with a growing civilization because of how it affects the human mind and negates certain primal instincts like aggression, to which he believes is counter-productive in sustaining happiness. Marx and Engels believe there won’t be happiness as long as there is there is the class struggle between the working class and owner over the means of production. It’s because of this economic divide that, according to Marx, there will eventually need to be a revolution in order for people to be treated as equal and have the chance to be happy. The idea of civilization itself had become a problem in the late 19th century because of how modern society affects human nature in negative way by creating various internal and external conflicts.
Marx believes that the class struggle born from a capitalist society is an external conflict that forces people against each other and may lead to a revolution.


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