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Inconclusion, automation have a lot of advantages and disadvantages, but theirchallenges can be solved if they work well with humans and bring backproduction. Working with humans can improve the workplace instead of canbecoming a problem because robots need humans and humans need robots. Robotscan help worker improve their speed and get the done rather than replacingthem. If automation can get rid of low wage jobs workers would love thatbecause who wants to work for low pay? Overall, automation is a good topic todiscuss and can be improved in many ways.Automationin the workplace is the cause of low wage. This problem can be solved ifautomation bring labor and production back to the workplace. Along with thegrowth of a flexible, independent workforce, automation will reduce theincentive for companies to use low wage labor (“Impact of Automation”).

This isevidence that automation will try to bring labor and production back byencouraging companies to use low wage in the workplace. Automation eliminatesthe need for many low-paying offshore jobs, allows companies to restore laborand production, and increases the need for high-skilled activities (“Impact ofAutomation”). This is evidence that automation is trying to bring backproduction and labor by eliminating jobs with low paying wage.

If automationeliminate low wage jobs workers will be satisfied.Peopleare at risk of losing their jobs due to automation. In the article “The Impact ofAutomation on The Independent Workforce”, stated Factories don’t need as manyworkers because robots are increasingly able to do the work quick and correct.This is evidence that robots work fast than humans and get the job done, andmay result in people losing their jobs. But this problem can be solved by lookat automation in a good way instead of a bad way when it comes to workers in awork place. While automation has transformed and will continue to transformmany industries, it largely redefines rather than eliminates jobs (“Impact ofAutomation”). This evident shows that automation is used to improve theworkplace rather than taking away jobs from people. which shows a good side ofautomation.

In the independent workforce, automation may actually increasedemand for flexible workers who have skills and agility that machines areunable to provide (“Impact of Automation”). This is another reason to look atautomation in a good way because the workplace still need workers to step in ona task that a robot cannot do. Automation can probably get the job done butthey need workers by their side to make sure they do. Amazon’s kiva robots helpfulfills warehouse orders, and human workers are needed for anything involvingfine motor skills, judgement, or unpredictability (“Impact of Automation”).This is the final reason to look at automation in a good way. Workers areneeded in the workplace to make judgments on what the robots do, predict, andmake sure their skills are up to part. If humans and robots focus on what theydo best the company can grow and improve in many different ways.

Automatedmachines are not suitable for application for almost every condition orsituation. So, they are bound to have some disadvantages in the long run. Thefirst disadvantage is when you cannot perform complicated or non- repetitivetasks. One of the main disadvantage of automated machines is that, since theyare programmed, they are only able to do tasks that are programmed in them andonly can do these tasks repeatedly(“Automation”). The second disadvantage isthat they are costly, they have high initial investment.

Since, many automatedmachines use the latest hardware, software and technology it is given that theseare very expensive and they require a lot of money and highinvestment(“Automation”). As a starting manager or a business owner, you willhave to find a way that can allow you to produce such a high investment. Thefinal disadvantage is the required maintenance and training.

Another disadvantageof automated machines is that they require high maintenance and for properusage of the machines workers are required to go through intense training andshould learn how to properly use the machine for high qualityresults(“Automation”). A good training to the workers assures a goodfunctionality for the machine.Theadvantages of industrial automation are a very clear benefit that the industrysees while using automated systems.

The first advantage is an increase inproductivity. Since automation systems are machine based they do not require totake when compared to their human counterparts (“increase in productivity”).Also, they are very fast and precise in what they do and, they can process alarge amount of material in one go, unlike human workers. The second advantageis improved redundancy. In this industry, where precision and integrity isnecessary for the output, automated machines provide quality and quantity (“improvedredundancy”). They produce products with less errors and they do not compromiseon the production speed for this purpose. The final advantage is better safety.Machines can be able to perform in dangerous environments where humans are notsupposed to work, or environments where it is harmful for their health (“bettersafety”).

  With automations, there is aconsiderable decrease in workplace mishaps and in accidental deaths of workersin heavy duty industries. Isautomation “good” or “bad”? There are arguments on both sides of this issue. Onone hand, the cost of production on a per item basis is generally low, on theother hand it is often said that automation takes jobs from people. In the olddays manufacturing and fabrication were all done by hand by people. Now that computersand technology have succeeded in the industry, automation has become thecompetitive advantage in today’s manufacturing world.

  Automation has allowed for companies to massproduce products at outstanding speeds and with great quality. Althoughautomation is constantly setting the standards for the American workplace andhas many advantages, there are also negative aspects about automation.Automation has face some challenges in the workplace like the risk of peoplelosing their jobs and lower wage but there are solutions to fix the challenges.Automation


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