In well in basketball to make up for

    In this documentary, both boys had very high
goals of being NBA basketball stars, from their youth. Both Gates and Agee had
other people who had extremely high expectations for them, and thus both boys
had a lot of pressure on them to excel in basketball. William Gate’s brother
expected him to do really great things with basketball, to make up for his
failures in life and because he was not able to make it all the way in
basketball. Gate’s also had pressure from his parents to make it “big” so that
they could get money and get out of poverty and welfare. Gate’s coach kept comparing him to the great basketball and
getting the team to go to state tournaments. This put a lot of pressure on
Gate’s, to the point that his junior year he messed up his knee and then was
never able to be as good of a basketball player emotionally as he was earlier.

 Arthur’s parents also had big
expectations for him. They wanted him to make it big and go the NBA to help
them out financially. Arthur’s father, Bo, especially wanted Arthur to do well
in basketball to make up for all his father’s failures in life. Bo did not want Arthur to be
involved in the things he had gotten involved in, and hoped that basketball was
the way to make sure Arthur did not. Arthur’s parents, like William’s parents
and brother were also living vicariously through him. This caused a lot of
emotional pressure on Agee to do well in basketball.

Arthur and William faced enormous pressure for young men.  From having parents living vicariously
through them, to having to worry about family members being killed or in jail,
life was not easy.  But each athlete
deviated from their societal norms and defeated the temptations of the street
lives to better themselves through basketball. The temptation to do
wrong was constantly around both athletes, in various situations. Their social
situation was very difficult, as the streets of Chicago are notorious for
violent and drug-related crimes. Uncertainty about finances mixed with
an uncertainty about their lives in general makes for a very pressured approach
towards basketball. 


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