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In George Orwell’s book Animal Farm, the central idea is about farm animals revolting from their farmer because they were hungry and were not getting fed.

Orwell uses this fable, giving farm animals human characteristics, to show the different roles farm animals play in their society. Napoleon used his power to command the animals to work for his own benefit, rather than the whole group. In Animal Farm  Boxer, a cart-horse, works himself till he has no energy left.

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The other farm animals find him lying in a field on his side, gasping for air. The animals call for Napoleon who sends him to a “hospital”. He is actually sending him to a butcher. The farm animals see the car that picks him up says Horse Slaughtering and start screaming, “Get out!”. They couldn’t get boxer out. I see this as questioning the order of things. Just like the pilgrims settled this country for questioning the order of things.

In Animal Farm , by defeating Mr. Jones , It gives power to the pigs who take over the farm. The fight for power between Napoleon and Snowball is similar to the clash between democrats and republicans for control of power in our government. The fable shows the dangers of a tyrannical ruler and the danger of an uneducated, naive working class ( The sheep in Animal Farm are portrayed as simply followers with a lack of education.

These are members of the lower working class with little education and are easily fooled. Boxer, a horse, is also in the working class and is uneducated but strong. The leaders, Napoleon and Snowball, used propaganda and intimidation to influence this group for their support.

In our own two party political system, each party uses this propaganda tactics to influence less educated voters for their support. Our current politicians use government handouts or subsidies to gain individuals votes ( In our system there are two levels of this propaganda for the rich and the poor. The rich want tax cuts and corporate tax breaks and the poor want subsidized housing, food, and cell phones (BostonGlobe.

com). Our current politicians see no ethical issue with taking from one group and giving to another which is redistribution of wealth, a main theme of Socialism ( Old Major established seven commandments to impart equality and social justice amongst all of the animals. Over time, Napoleon and the pigs, using their propaganda and intimidation, changed the seven commandments to one statement. That statement is ” All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.” This statement causes a continuous class warfare between the ruling class and the working class.

Our own constitution states that all men are created equal, but this does not mean that all men will have equal outcomes.


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