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In addition, according to Alexander Wendt, states are the principal units of analysis for international political theory; states’ interests are constructed by social interaction (Jyri, 2005). After going through a disastrous war, during the post-war period we can see that the states started to put more focus on military might for security purpose rather than going to war, they believe that they need a mechanism to maintain peace and security.

For example in the case of cold war, The United Nations and the Soviet Unions acted accordingly to their socially constructed Cold War era identities and interests which  helping to sustain the perception of the Cold War (Jyri, 2005). During the cold war era, Soviet Unions and United States were the only ones who got strong military and economic power after the devastation of Second World War, thus, leading the two countries to recognize each other as opponents. However, instead of waging war against each other, these two superpowers built their military might and ideologies as the continuous interaction of states to organizing, maintenance the use of armed forces in the international arena which led the cold war lasted for decades without the outbreak of another world war.  Additionally, the arrangement and pieces of international organizations started to focus more on security issue.

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For example, in the case of United Nations, United Nations came to existence with one central theme is the maintaining of international peace and security. The failure of LON made states focus on other new forms that would build more effective interactions between states. One example of it, it’s the preventive diplomacy and mediation method which allows states to prevent conflicts from escalating by using diplomacy and mediation (“Maintaining international”, n.

d). Furthermore,  the increasing numbers of different arrangements which put the full utmost focus on peace and security. States had created and ratified a lot of treaties in regarding to peace and security. For example, the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, aims to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and weapons technology, to foster the peaceful cooperation uses of nuclear energy, currently, there are 191 states who are recognized as parties to the treaty including the five states who are recognized as nuclear-weapon states which are the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, and China (“Treaty on the Non-Proliferation” n.

d). Another example is the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty; this treaty prohibits all nuclear explosions. So far, 183 states have signed the treaty and 164 states have already ratified (“Comprehensive Nuclear”, 2016).  These showed how the beliefs that states hold about each other help determine international politics. States started to put more important on nuclear issues because they could not trust each other that led to many states signing the treaties in regarding with nuclear issues.


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