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In my view, human illumination has characterised itself in a lot of different ways like its capability to produce tools, equipment and machines that makes our life a lot easier and not to state the fact of how much time we’re actually saving by producing these things.

One of the main reasons technology means so much to me is because I’ve experienced how it connects the world and people within it together in empowering and unexpected ways. Back then the invention of radios, televisions and telephones revolutionised the world and in our present era, the likes of robotics and artificial intelligence are going to completely change the world.  I dedicate a generous amount of my time to learning about the different branches of technology. Although most of this includes reading books, novels and websites associated to robotics and artificial intelligence and watching documentaries related to it but I like to learn through hands-on analysis because this is what I’m obsessed about.  My A-levels have allowed me to develop valuable skills, both analytical and social. I’ve regularly participated in the Robotics and Electronics club at my school which requires teamwork, leadership and communication skills. My love for building robots integrated with artificial intelligence is because of the role they can play in complex industrial processes and how these autonomous systems will change the world.  In my O-levels I pretty much had average grades and I was always an average student.

I was always like “These grades are fine, I can’t do better than this”. I always thought that it’s impossible to achieve higher grades because there were always like 5 percent of the class who achieved really good grades. When I reached my A-levels, I thought that why not give it a try to achieve these grades, maybe it’s possible and it was that time that I changed myself, I used to pay attention to all my studies and started studying really hard and it gave me a feeling that I was getting good in studies. I was so confident that I even told some of my friends that I will probably get these grades and everyone was like that you can’t do it and they didn’t take it seriously but that didn’t stop me, I worked hard and got those grades and from that moment, I’m just focusing on trying to make myself even better now because nothing is impossible if you try to do it. Outside of school, I play football during the weekends but that’s not all because I’m a very passionate fan of football and regularly watch and debate about it. Not just outside but even in the school, I’ve participated in local football events held from time to time. One of the few things football taught me is to never give up because everything is possible and leadership and management skills.

  I have noticed how computers are used all around me from weather forecasting to medical applications. As we are advancing, everything is being made easier for us. Computers play a huge role in that but that’s not the end because as time passes, autonomous systems are being built which will automate any process we can think of. It is going to change every human’s perspective on how they would see the world in the coming years. One day I would like to own a factory that produces these systems through the use of the most advanced computer systems and mechanical robotic technology available.

Few decades ago simple mailing using computers was out of the question but now there’s online shopping, virtual tours and what not and soon these autonomous systems will be a common practice too and that’s what I would like to be a part of.  I’m really excited by the anticipation of studying a subject about which I’m so passionate. It’s my dream to follow in the footsteps of the pioneers who contributed to this world and changed our lives and I believe these autonomous systems and robots are going to be the next big thing that will transform the whole world and I want to be a part of this journey. I believe my knowledge in this subject, as well as enthusiasm and dedication would really be useful to study this course and help to achieve my potential.  


I'm Mary!

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