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In2008, the right to acceptable food was recognized as important component of asustainable resolution to the world food-security crisis caused by high prices offood.

”According to United Nation conference (2009: 44), they are two reasonsto be considered when addressing food insecurity and ensuring the right tofood. The reasons are dual. Firstly, the crisis excessively affected those whowere already defenceless, typically people who spend large amounts of theirincome on food.

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Secondly, there was wide acknowledgement that, when it came toresponding to the crisis, the “business-as-usual” method would not work. Theserequire traditional approaches, which dispensed with the technical dimensionsof food insecurity in terms of both their emergency and structural aspects,needed to be accompanied with an additional dimension focusing on the elevationof the right to adequate food and the restructuring of both global and nationalfood-security governance”, (United Nation conference, 2009).Inclosing remarks to the conference, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moonpleaded that, ”occurrence of the right to food, “as a basis for analysis,action and accountability” in encouraging food security. The right to food is,first of all, a basic human right cherished in international law. It is theright of every person to have nonstop access to the resources required toproduce, earn or procurement enough food not only to prevent hunger-foodinsecurity, but also to ensure health and well-being are maintained.

The rightto food provides a clear framework within which to discourse criticalgovernance dimensions of the fight against starvation or hunger and gives voiceto a wide collection of relevant groups and individuals. It establishes principlesthat govern decision-making and implementation processes, specifically,non-discrimination, participation, transparency and empowerment. It alsoprovides a legal framework – based on the concepts of rights and obligations –and apparatuses for increased accountability and the rule of law”, (United Nationconference, 2009).  


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