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In this fast moving world, technology seems tobe a big part of our society and our foreseeable future.

The development of human being has arrived to a stage where it couldhave been impossible without the advancement in technology. Everything seemscan be solved by technologies and this enables our life to become easier morecomfortable compared to previous time.Nowadays, everything has gone mobile.

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Thanks toour smartphones, tablets and laptops we can leave our office while stayingfully connected by doing work on the go. Well, almost. There is onedevice that got left behind and seemed to miss the “mobile revolutiontrain”- The Printer.  Printer, in its broadest sense, is a device where allows oneor more identical copies are produced from a master image. It has been evolvingfrom normal type, be it printing in greyscale color to full color, from inkjetprinting to cartilage printing, to a multifunction printer where it providesscanning, photocopying and printing services.

Now, a pocket printer has beeninvented that able to overcome shortcomings of printer in old version.Pocket printer, a little device that only a little bigger than three stacked hockey pucks will enable peopleto photocopy document without worries with place, time or type of devices. Itis invented by Matan Caspi and Tuvia Elbaum, whostudied in the Jerusalem College of Technology. They added some innovation inthe printing industry and provides a better solution for the photocopyingservice.    Description of mini roboticprinter:Mini robotic printer ismade from polycarbonate with Marsblack and Titanium white. It is small is size, portable, light andenable people to print anywhere.

In general, this kind of robotic printer isabout 4 inches (10.2 centimeters) wide and long and 3 inches (7.5 cm) high, andweighs about 12 ounces (350 grams). Besides,this robotic printer is shaped like droplet color icon that used on manydomestic printers to indicate the ink levels. The ink inside is capable ofprinting 1000 pages before needing to be replaced.The printer’srechargeable lithium-polymer battery can last about 1 hour, on average — longenough to print about 60 pages.

The device charges via a micro-USB port andtakes about 3 hours to charge fully. This robotic printerconnects to smartphones or computers wirelessly via Bluetooth. It is supportedby Android, IOS, Linux, Windows and others.

When the mini robotic printeractivates the hatch underneath the printer slides open, it will reveal theinkjet. Users can place the robotic printer onto a piece of paper using theteardrop’s printed shape to align it with the top of page. Using the omni wheelsystem that allows it to move in multiple directions, it roll across the page,printing in grey scale. When it reaches the end, the device moves down the pageand continue on the next line. If a person sends several pages to the device,the printer will stop when it gets to the bottom of the first page and waituntil it is placed at the top of the next page. The machine uses highresolution optical sensor to control the movement, speed or placement of therobot and it will print 1.

2 pages per minute at the resolution of up to 96 by192 dots per inch. The printer can print one average A4 page, measuring 8.27 by11.7 inches (21 by 29.7 cm), every 50 to 60 seconds with a resolution of 300dpi.

However, the first version of thisrobotic printer will be printed in greyscale but not colors. Figure 1 and 2 :Mini robotic printer.AnalysisAs everyone know, a printer is a peripheral device whichmakes a persistent human-readable representation of graphics or text on paperor similar physical media. There are variety kind of printer availableon the market which included wired or wireless printer which required socket topower it up, 3D printer, laser printer and etc. However, imagine when thefeature of printers has gone to portable, the use of printer will no longeronly exist in office or commercial but permittedus to give free rein to our imagination. For this mobile printer, ofcourse, it able to print the basic 2D words document or graphics without aproblem. In fact, there are some other points which make this productextraordinary compare to the traditional printer which is wired, bulky and notportable:1. Aspect of portability.

With this pocket printer, we can carry it to anywhereto get our job done without any incident thatwould be interrupting our efficiency as we do not need to find a plugand let our printing machine working. Other than that, we can avoid struggling to find a printing shops and waitfor the queue just to get some printed pages. Sometime, portable means every workcan be done at anywhere at any time, even in themost remote locations or while on the move.2. Aspect of convenience. When theprinter is done portable, everyone will definitely bring it out and it will fixa lot of problem when we are in need with the use of printer especially inemergency. As a frequent traveler, whenone travel to a place where his or her language is not available, portableprinter will bring them a worry-free travelling experience as they no need tosearch for printing shop and communicate with the language they not understand,or either using hotel printers that can belimiting and frustrating.

Printing certain document which are crucial such asflight boarding pass or bus ticket can be made easy and avoid them tostuck in the queue. For businessman or sales man, they can just bring tablet orlaptops and the mobile printer along with them when they planned to meet theircustomer outside of the working place. When the discussion is done, they canjust print out the contract or agreement while the customer can authorize hisor her signature on the spot and thus the work can be done in the short time. When we are printing the needs on mobile gadget,wireless feature of mobile printer will definitely provide us a hassle-freeprinting experience as ordinary printer need to connect with either a powersupply or USB cable which is more troublesome and time consuming in order toconduct the printing process.3.

Aspect of productivity. Productivityof certain work can be increase when job is done in a simpler and faster way.This can be seen from the application of this mobile printer in solving problemespecially in office or daily use. Imagine that we are in a meeting, when ideacome across our mind, we can just write it or draw it on our smart phone andprint it on the spot. This allows our creativity can be shown on a piece ofpaper and distribute to everyone so that everyone can do some editing orimprovement on hard copy.

4. Able to bring out people’s creativity not justonly on the paper. Certain people might not be able to draw well, however, theadvent of this device able to help them to print out different type ofillustration or idea they wish to create such as graphics, words, pattern oreven watermark on any media. This is because this portable printer is designedto perform printing right on the media which totally different as thetraditional one. Therefore, people can just place it on any flat surface wherethey want to print.

This also aids the people who can’t draw well and allowsthem to put on beautiful arts on their projects or assignment hence the abilityof creating arts can no longer be a limit for them. 5. Reduce error on document or othermedia. It might be troublesome to read the word from people who doesn’t owngood handwriting which is not clear or ambiguous. Therefore, there is asolution for this long term problem. For example, people can take photo of aform they wish to fill in and edit the form by inserting the word they want tofill in via mobile phone. Then the form can be submitted after printing it outjust by using this mobile printer and mobile phone.

The printer letter willdefinitely look neat compared to hand writing and this would make the readingexperience much easier. Sometime, it is great to put on some graphics on asurface without mistake or correction. So, printing is preferable in thissituation compared to drawing.

6. Able to bring new trends. Mobileprinter is able to do much more thing than a traditional printer can do. It isbelieved that some traditional way of doing work will be replaced by thesolution from new technology since productivity will be increased. For example,in the process of learning and teaching in school, student might no need towrite essay on their hand in the future. Associated with “e-teaching” ineducation, when textbooks are slowly replaced by tablet and white boards arereplaced by smart board teaching, it is always a problem in examination wherestudent still use traditional way to write their answer on the piece of paper. Whilemarking process is still preferably to be done on hard copy, it can be improvedby allowing student to type on the tablet where spelling autocorrect isdisabled and print it on the spot after the examination time is over, hencethis eliminate the needs of student to write their answer on hand as well asease the marking experience for teacher.

These has shown that mobile printeris useful for us and definitely bring solution to many of the problem in dailylife. In conjunction with the benefits brought by the mobile printer to ustoday, it is believed that the mobile printer will have its own limitation justlike the traditional printer do: 1.     Cost of mobile printer is higher. In portable electronics, the smaller the device, thehigher the price and mobile printers are no exception. Mobile printers can costnearly twice as much as their desktop printer counterparts, and the inkcartridges for mobile printers tend to also cost about more. So, it might becostly when for heavy usage people. Sometime, the high cost of mobile printerwon’t give better result than a traditional printer will do. Therefore, thecost is the pull back for such grateful feature of a mobile printer will do.

2.     Speed of printing is relatively slower. Despite the cost ofmobile printer, the speed of printing is slower than the ordinary printer dueto its design. Time consuming process might affect the printing experience aspeople will tend to lose temper while waiting the printing process is done. Whenthere is a lot pages to be printed, then people will start to consider normalprinter over mobile printer. In another words, mobile printer is preferably tobe used for light usage or during emergencies in daily life.

3.     Color printing is not available. One of the limitations of it includedpeople cannot print colored image or graphics with this mobile printer as theink cartridges is limited for only black color and process of advent a coloredmobile printer is difficult.ConclusionOverall, this advent can be considered as agreat stepping stone for future technology. The world has been better with theexistence of technology, sometime new idea are great to bring conveniences forpeople and make life easier but sometime the product may be not perfect at thefirst stage and takes time to have a better version in future with various ofinvestigating in terms of technique, design and structure.

For example, cost,speed and color printing maybe the limitation for this product. But the idea isgreat to solve tones of problem which bring trouble to people especially duringurgent period. Shortcomings of this product should overcome so that a morecreative, innovate and productive product could be invented, but also fulfillthe market 1requirements in terms of cost and functions


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