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In 2008, author Susan Collins wrote an award winning book called The Hunger Games. In the The Hunger Games, 2 people from each of the 12 districts are chosen to fight to the death for entertainment. The main character, Katniss everdeen, volunteered in place of her sister for the games. Her partner from the same district was Peeta. Once trained they are put into the games where they have to kill to win. Katniss faces many things in battle, laughter, sadness, and pain.

In the end she fights hard and does her best to go against the capitol (Collins). Collins attempt to change society was to show society that even though the government has the power to do what they want, they too have the power to do what they want. It is because of the people, that the government has power. It can be seen in the book that even though Katniss had to fight in the hunger games and act fake for the crowd, during the games she continually shamed the government and even made the gamemakers change a rule in her favor.

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Collins is trying to tell everyone that with enough people can overcome great power. When people know that they too have power, it can help make them act. They can stand of for what they want because of Collins and her work, The Hunger Games.  In the story of Fahrenheit 451, there were many times that the main character, Montag, went against the government. This was because he learned about what the books really were and the kind of information in them. It first started of with help from very few others. He wanted to start a riot against the government so that they can stop burning books, but not many stood with him (Bradbury).

The author’s purpose for writing this book was to persuade readers that books are important and to not forget them. In the story the government wanted all books to be burnt so that people don’t know of their own rights. When reading people can choose whose side they are on, but the way that Bradbury writes, it persuades one to want to side with Montag.  Although the author wrote the book to tell the people of the world how important books are. There was also a hidden meaning that the author tried to tell, which was that people can fight for what’s right. The author attempted to change society by showing that people can fight for what they want even though everyone is against it. Montag in the story didn’t have that many supporter but he still continued on to fight for what he wanted.

Because of that he From the ashes of that corrupt society they started anew. Bradbury showed people that it is okay to fight for what’s right. The myth of Daedalus and Icarus as a very popular myth that has been told and recorded throughout time.

Daedalus was a very smart person and did many things. He made a labyrinth that held a mythical monster. One day he and his son Icarus helped people kill the monster inside. They were caught and thrown into jail.

Daedalus and Icarus escape a jail by flying away with wax wings. Icarus, son of Daedalus, didn’t listen to his father’s words and few too high closer to the sun. This made his wings melt and he fell to his death (Greek Myths & Greek Mythology). Diodorus, the original author, purpose of writing this myth was to teach people a lesson about following rules. Icarus didn’t listen to his father’s 2 simple rules. and fell to his death. Diodorus wrote about what happens when you don’t listen to rules, meaning it was meant to tell people to follow rules no matter how simple they are.

  Diodorus wrote this to change society, then and now. The myth was written to tell people to follow rules or else the worst will come to them.  This story didn’t just change the minds of people in early greece but nowadays as well.

The lesson that Diodorus taught then, has been applied and taught today, changing society.  Cyberbullying is a growing problem in the world, mostly because of the growth of technology.  Students can use this all time access to the internet to bully the people they don’t like. This could come in forms of bad language, embarrassing photos, and messages. It would be hard to catch someone you can’t see.  If someone is  getting cyber bullied, people should help in whatever way that they can and tell a trusted adult (New).

The author, Michelle J. New, purpose for writing this article was to help those understand and get help for bullying online. The author noticed how many people can fall under cyberbullying, so she wrote this article for us. It helps people understand the consequences and effects that cyberbullying has on others. Michelle J.

New wrote this article to change society by not only informing others about cyberbullying, but also showing people how to catch it and get help for others. It would bring down the likelihood that people would bully. If people are more aware of this problem and read the article, they would know how to help someone getting bullied online. A book can give one more than just a good story before it’s time to sleep.

It can be seen that these authors and many more out there use their books to help change society in different ways. Thought many kinds of books spread across time, they give lessons and information that change the minds of people all around. Regardless of how old the book or story is, it has something more to tell. Something more that can change society for the better.



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