The Protestant Reformation is the

In the 16th century, the Protestant Reformation occurred.

The Protestant Reformation is the split between the Christian religion because of Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Huldryn Zwingli. The Reformation made the church disunite, causing a lot of chaos between Protestants and Christians.    Before 1517, Christians believed that there was only one way to heaven.They only worried about salvation and indulgent. Until a German monk named Martin Luther wrote the 95 theses. The 95 theses was a document that talked about how wrong the way Christians thought about getting to heaven.

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He assumed that it was wrong for the church to make people give up their indulgent for a spot in heaven. Martin Luther thought faith was the only way to get into heaven. The 95 theses spread around quickly. After he wrote the document, people started to ask questions about the church. They thought that church was more so about political issues and power than salvation.

In 1521, Diet of the Worms happened because of the political issues. Martin Luther was able to attend the meeting. He argues against the doctrines of the church. Luther was considered an outlaw after the meeting. So Emperor Charles provided the Edict of Worms towards him.

Frederick the Wise planned to kidnap Luther to bring him to his castle so he wouldn’t be killed. At the castle, he translated the part of the New Testament into German, so Germans can read the word of god. After being at the castle for a year, he was able to continue his campaign about the church. In 1522, Martin Luther managed to get started his own church, Lutheranism. He had many supporters from citizens and German princes. A couple of years later he married a former nun, had children, and became a professor until he died.    To conclude, Martin Luther had a big effect on the Catholicism.

He made a lot of economic, religious, and communication issues. Because of Martin Luther, the church lost land and faithful followers. Many other types of Christianity were made after the Protestant Reformation. But people were unable to connect with God during the services. They wouldn’t get the full understanding of the service because it was in a different language.

Northern Europe still follows Martin Luther’s word till this day. While the rest of Europe is Christian.


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