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In the past few years, the Pakistani film industry has gained much popularity. We have gained a lot of audience all over the world which are excited about the Pakistani movies. These days, the people are seen really excited about the upcoming movie ‘Maan Jao Na’. It is going to release on 2nd of February, 2018. What is the film all about? The film is the combo of romance, comedy and entertaining antics. The movie trailer is really amazing which made lots of people curious about the movie.Other than all these facts, the movie cast is simply amazing. It has introduced a few new faces in Pakistan film industry. It has Iranian Model in the lead cast named Naaz Norouzi. The other cast includes Adeel Ch, Hajra Yameen, Ayaz Samoo, Ghana Ali, Nadeem Haque, Nayyar Ejaz, Asif Raza, Ali Gul Pir, Asma Abbas. Speaking about the journey of Maan Jao Na, the cast has separately shared its experiences. All of them said that it was an amazing experience. Adeel said that he has worked in Pakistan as well as globally but it was the best experience to work with such an amazing cast.The shooting of every film seems smooth but it isn’t always as it seems.  Talking about the movie ‘Maan Jao Na’ Ayaz Samoo shared an incident they faced on the movie set, which was scary and funny at the same time. The whole movie crew got robbed one day at the movie set while they were shooting a movie scene.They got robbed while they were shooting a wedding scene of the film on a farmhouse. He said that while shooting, they were abruptly surrounded by dacoits. One of our junior artists was looted by those dacoits. Moreover, they wanted to abduct the bride from there for her gold she was wearing at that time. The funniest thing was that comedian Ayaz Samoo was dressed up like a bride at that time. The overall movie shooting experience was amazing but this incident made us a little bit scared for some time period, he said.Adeel said that the Naaz is one of the old friends of mine. I asked her to be a part of Maan Jao Na and she agreed. The Naaz said that she has really high hopes for the movie as all whole crew worked hard for it. Hajra Yameen, a Pakistani actress who is a part of ‘Maan Jao Na’ added that each and every shooting scene is really memorable for her and she enjoyed a lot, especially in Sukkur because the weather was extremely chilly.The entire cast of ‘Maan Jao Na’ as well as the audience is looking forward to 2ndFebruary 2018. They are sharing their experiences of the shooting on various TV shows like the one when they got robbed.


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