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In order to survive the everyday life, a woman can do so much not only for herself but also for her family. Being a Guest Relation Officer (GRO), they have the privilege to get their pay easily. However, they are sometimes the target of sexual objectification because of offering their body for money. In the society where the poor doesn’t have the right to live a better life some of these GROs are forced to endure everything in order to put food in their table. Sexual Objectification happens when a part of the female’s body is single out and viewed as a physical object for men’s desire rather than an equal (Szymanski ; Owens, 2009). Women who lives in a culture in which they are objectified by others may in return begin to objectify themselves.
According to Smith et al. , (2015) showed that portrayal of woman leads to negative objectification and resulting in making them feel more like sex objects rather than being proud of their capacity and success. This shows that female bodies are perceived as sex objects and that they also made an example in female athletes. The problem is that although, they have the ability and gifted with athletic strength they are still not exempted in objectification. The Beauty in our culture defines it, but doesn’t last forever. It is usually to neglect other aspects of the person, such as their thoughts, feelings and desires. The perception of sexualized women deploys cognitive mechanisms specific to object perception, while sexualized men are perceived as persons. Women learn to describe themselves as objects on display because they believe that their appearance determines their value.

Self-Objectification is greatly related to the self-esteem of an individual especially women who are rather objectified than men (Choma et al., 2010). In this study, it stated that there are a lot of flat form that can be used to objectify someone especially women, although men are increasingly objectified too. Media is one of the many flat form used to objectify someone and that it greatly affects one self-esteem and becomes more conscious with their body but that doesn’t mean that sexual objectification doesn’t happen through physical contact. A lot of women experiences this and shrugs them of as if it doesn’t affect them.
According to Gramsas (2014), being sexual objectified the female lowers her self-esteem and agrees with what the men wants because of the fear and the acceptance that they are no longer a person but only as an object. In this study, there is high risk of sexual behavior that can be developed when someone is objectifies. The awareness of the body as an object may lead to the self-objectification. Self-objectification is the acceptance and is aware that the body is an object and not as a part of being a person (Lustig, 2012).
A theory that supports this study is the Sexual Objectification theory of Fredrickson ; Roberts (1997) which states that how women are perceived in the society. A woman internalizes the idea and begins to think of themselves as an object rather than a human, they start to question their self-worth and be more conscious on what they wear. Sexual objectification almost happens because of appearance attribute that are pointed out in this theory. Sexual objectification can give anxiety to the female and can cause them body shaming, depression, and sexual dysfunction (Szymansk et. Al., 2011)
The objective of this study are: 1. To assess the level of the Sexual objectification of the GROs2. To measure the Self esteem of the respondents
3. To correlate the Sexual objectification and Self esteem of the GROs
The researchers had thirty (30) respondents, ages 18-30. The GROs are from Poblacion, Makati.

Two instruments used in this study.
Interpersonal Sexual Objectification Scale (ISOS). It contains 15 questions and to analyze the ISOS here are the 5-point Likert-type scale and scoring:

Points Interpretation
46 and above Extremely objectified
31 – 45 Moderately objectified
16 – 30 Slightly objectified
0 – 15 Not objectified

Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale (RSFS), It contains 10 questions and to analyze the ISOS here are the 4-point Likert-type scale scoring:

Points Interpretation
31 – 40 Very High Self esteem
21 – 30 High Self esteem
11-20 Low Self esteem
0 to 10 Very Low Self esteem
This research used Pearson product moment correlation coefficient to measure the strength of the statistical relationship between the two variables (Sexual Objectification and Self – Esteem).

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