In style from the results of the

In order to reflect myself towards situational leadership style from the results of the quizzes I tend to possess a strong situational perspective as a leader. I also came to know that within this style I am more towards participative (S3) where a leader enhances on relationship building with sub-ordinates, followers show high competency, their commitment is variable, a leader takes out time in listening and making them feel good by praising them and on the other hand a coaching role (S2) where leader focuses highly on both tasks as well as relationship building where the followers show limited competency, their commitment is variable, a leader spends time in listening, advising sub-ordinates on how they can enhance their skills, knowledge and attributes by being a coach. Fortunately based on my previous workplace instances I have been involved in the development of my sub-ordinates (followers.)I see myself doing well with situational leadership where a leader has to choose a style on the bases of the capabilities of their followers or sub-ordinates.


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