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In conclusion this book was very fascinating read and I would definitely recommend it to any person looking to learn more about evolution and Darwinism. I learned many things that I thought were not apart of the evolution theory which really made me have a different perspective on the theory and from my own point of view on the evolution theory is that I find it to be more than just a theory. It is really curious to note that what is today taught in many places as a doctrine, bordering on the religious rather than the scientific, was originally a theory. Darwin himself raised many doubts about it, and his book, which caused a stir since its publication, was a reflection, a theorizing on a theory that he hoped could be corroborated with time. A wide spectrum of theories have been born from this, venturing evolutionary leaps, mutations to explain the lack of links that demonstrate what Darwin expected, a slow and millenary process of changes in the species, that thanks to the natural selection of the most apt, will lead some species slowly to become others. The mutations that have been tested in the laboratory have only succeeded in producing degeneration and with its repeated sterility. The fossils have not been able to fill the gaps that a theory of these dimensions would require, and the explanations that the scientific world gives have not been able to unite yet. In short, this book gave the starting signal to a theory of evolution, with the hope that in a short period of time its veracity would be demonstrated; time has not proven what Darwin theorized, but has served politicians to justify the extermination of inferior races, has given support to philosophers to stop believing in a Creator, and has helped to foster a spirit of competitiveness that supposes it should improve the species, but that results in harming the weakest. Pity, because the book is very well written, and the theory as such, even with its many lacunae, demonstrated a conscientious study of nature. However, when science bypasses the scientific procedure (ie, laboratory experimentation, and real-life observation) to say that a theory is a law, the consequences can only be dire.


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