In requirement is implemented. Non-Functional requirement: Which

In general, there are two types of requirement. One is functionalrequirement and Nonfunctional requirement.What system is going to do is known by the functional requirement.

How the system act at certain time functions are non-functional requirement. FunctionalRequirement:Functional requirement provides the specific behavior. For thesystem design detailed explanation this functional requirement is implemented.Non-Functionalrequirement:Which are not covered by the functional requirements, that arecovered by the nonfunctional requirement.

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Non-functional involves in thequality characteristics of a system. Contrast: Functional Requirements Non-Functional requirements Discuss about product features. Discuss about product quality. These are captured in user cases. These are global constrains. About the user work is concerned. About the experience of the user requirement.

 For clear detail of functional and nonfunctionalrequirement let’s take a normal general example.Suppose we need some milk in a cup. The functional requirement issend a cup “having an ability to contain milk without leaking.

In nonfunctional requirement is send a cup “contain a milk with ahot not more than 45 degrees Celsius.” Examples:UserStories:1.     As astudent, I want my Professor info icon in my course page. So that, I cancontact if I needed.AcceptanceCriteria:·       CanContact to clear doubts.·       Easy toget in touch.·        FunctionalRequirement:The System shall display a professor icon incourse page. Non-FunctionalRequirement:The System shall ensure the data to be accurateand get updated if needed.

 2.     As astudent, I want my grades to get email notification. So that, I can have a lookwithout opening my blackboard.AcceptanceCriteria:·       Can getinformation in my mail so that can check anywhere.

·       It workslike a popup notification even without login to the account. FunctionalRequirement:The System shall send the emails about thegrades after they are graded by the professor.Non-FunctionalRequirement:The System shall make sure to send the emailsas soon as they are graded in blackboard with the fraction of seconds.



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