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In Neal Gabler’s “The Social Networks”, he states: “you’ll see people who not only are never ever alone but people whose relationships are basically smooth, painless, uninhibited and deeply, deeply intimate” (242). Gabler explains how television shows and social media are nothing more than wish fulfilment to most viewers and/or users. Many if not all television shows portray unrealistic day to day lives and idealistic relationships between one’s friends and family.

Nothing goes wrong on these shows to disrupt the happy and perfect lives that everyone has. In this essay I agree by focusing on the show Modern Family. In order to do so I will be examining the relationship between Cam and Mitchell as well as the daily lives’ of Claire and Gloria. The first way in which we see that television shows depict unrealistic lives is by examining the relationship shared between Cam and Mitchell.

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Cam and Mitchell from Modern Family are a homosexual married couple who have a daughter named Lily who are extremely close to each other. The relationship THESE TWO HAVE is not the typical real life relationship where there is an average amount of arguing. With Cam and Mitchell the arguments they have never escalate to more than a simple disagreement and the arguments never last long either. The television show portrays a relationship in a manner that makes people believe something is wrong with the relationship they have in real life, if they have anything more than a two minute squabble that does not have a simple solution. Genuine relationships that are outside of a television set require hard work to maintain and grow, things are not always as simple as Modern Family and other television shows depict.

Television shows are possibly contributing to an increase in failed relationships and a decrease in people trying to work through problems. People are increasingly ready to end a relationship, regardless of the length of it, at the first indication it is not “what we see in the movies”, as many say. In addition to Cam and Mitchell’s relationship, another way in which we see that television shows depict unrealistic lives is by looking at the lives’ of Claire and Gloria.


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