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In my work setting we make sure that we encourage clear and effective communication when we are sharing such information to others. We make sure that all of our policies and procedures on the sharing of information are base around the data protection act 1998 and we make sure that our policies keep our welfare requirements confidential as well as our development records and safe guarding matters, so that no matter what only those in the confides can see these things. We also make sure that we considered agency workers in our policies so that we can give them the information that they would need to be able to help work with us for the time that they would be. Our policies and procedures include things like making sure that the daily diary’s that we give to parents are filled full of information on their child’s day as well as having all of a register of all children’s food menu and what was eaten with us when we are talking to parents so that we can clearly see hat children have eaten and if they have slept at all during the day and for how long, making sure that we give out all the information that we can because that is what the parents deserve.


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