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In my setting we are a small team who are made up of individuals who possess a multitude of skills, abilities and knowledge which makes us a very diverse team. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses and through working together closely, on a daily basis, we are able to identify these and put them to good use and to the advantage of the setting and the children and their families.
As a group, we share ideas and strategies during team meetings to try and help us resolve any problems or issues we have come across. In succession, helping us to strive to achieve better outcomes and meeting objectives by applying the skills of all individuals within the team. Also, during management and staff meetings, we all discuss who we think would be best suited to a particular job or task and who has the best skill set to tackle it using a positive, effective approach. In doing so, the whole team are then in agreeance for electing the best suited team member to complete the job or task in hand. Thus, helping to give a sense of ownership within the team. As a manager, I feel it is extremely important to observe, note and distinguish that the individuals within my team all possess different learning styles, for example, some team members may benefit from working within a group whilst others may prefer to work alone or in a one to one situation.


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