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In my country , to many people New Year’s Eve is the greatest moment in a year and I also have the same thought. New Year’s Eve is the time that all of the members in family reunite and celebrate together after a long hard working time. Last year, I had a memorable New Year’s Eve with my family and friends.
New Year’s Eve is a day of mixed feelings for me. It is the time to celebrate the end of the year gone by and welcome what is in store in the new year. Last year, as usual I helped my Mom to prepare some fruits called “Ng? Qu?” with sticky rice cake “bánh ch?ng” and candied fruits to raise it up ancestral altar before New Year’Eve. Last year was my special occasion because of my grandparents’ presentence, we had a chance to reunite together after a long time.
The clock was about to point 12 a.m, I quickly dressed up and prepared some kinds of food and candies such as boiled chicken, spring roll, simmer potato soup, pickles as well as candied fruits and jellies. Everyone in my family gathered together and looked forward to the greatest moment- New year’s Eve. At exactly 12 a.m when the firework was launched, I and all of the members in my family raised cups of beer and cheered to wish for a happy new year. Although I was not adult anymore, I received a lot of lucky money from my grandparents, my parents and my relatives which made me very happy and excited.
After the party, I rapidly collected the food and cleaned the house. It was my family tradition that we would visit our relatives on New Year’s Eve. Annually we came to relatives’ house to wish them a lucky and prosperous new year. Then my Mom and I went to pagoda to pray for health as well as success of the members in my family. The asmostphere there made me feel relief and peaceful extraordinarily. Going to the pagoda at beginning of the year was my habit and hobby, which had followed me when I was a little girl. It would perhaps be with me forever in my life.
Last New Year’s Eve was one of unforgettable memory of my life. It enriched d?ary of my life with moments beside my family- my beloved and important people of my life. It was always the rope connecting all of the members in my family as well as connecting pilgrims all over the world to reunite with their family after a hard-working year.


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