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In the military there has been a significant use of animal testing. They feel as if since its just an animal they do not have feelings. Animals suffer as much as humans do, they are not too much of  a difference. These animals are just as important as any other human being. Animal cruelty is being practiced everywhere, for example, the military running tests on them. To the point where they put them in danger. The use of animals in the military is inhumane.Research shows that dogs suffer from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). This is because after war they feel like they have to be on pins and needles. Humans make them feel that way by introducing them to a totally different environment than what they are usually in. These “military” dogs are mostly German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers. They are specially and specifically trained to do many different tasks. These dogs did not have a choice whether they wanted to be a part of the mission. They were volunteered, unlike humans they have a choice whether they choose to serve or not.Treatment can be very hard and tricky. It is not easy to treat a troubled animal just as well as a human. They also have fears. If they are not properly taken care of then there is a possibility that they cannot be adopted. If treatment does work they can be adopted and sent to a loving home. Sometimes those troubled animals cannot be treated as they should and they may require more work. Veterinarians must also take good guesses on what is going on with the dog, since they cannot express their feelings and they cannot let you know what is wrong with them.The military also trained medics with animal use other than using stimulators. They felt as if it was easier to use an animal other than using a stimulator. Mainly because they were extremely expensive. If you think about it , dogs do not have the same anatomy as humans, So what does it really benefit? “Stimulators offer better combat training than live animals,are more human and are ultimately more cost-effective” (Johnson 1). If he thinks this, then why make these innocent animals suffer by letting the soldiers do test on them.?They have used rats and dogs to detect landmines. Dolphins were used to do underwater naval tasks. Why choose animals to do these dangerous and unruly jobs? I feel as if you are using an animal to do the task then therefore the task is too dangerous for a human to be performing. If you think about it , what happens if a dog is permanently damaged. There is a possibility that the dog will be euthanized.You guys, the military, chose to put these animals lives in complete danger. What about your pet? How would you feel if someone came and got him/her and said that they needed them to perform military duties. I understand that they are being used for a great cause but still, you would not want to put your dog in that kind of situation.There is also a possibility that a soldier may become attached to one of the animals. They have been around them so long and have grown to love them. Dogs have a personality just as well as a human does. What happens when a dog refuses to do what you have trained him/her to do? Do you just do away with them? Maybe you still continue to force them to do it. I totally understand that you all are trying to help us. These animals are risking their whole lives for soldiers. I do not think they realize how much of an impact these animals have on their lives.Dogs are mainly being used for their super sense of smell. They can smell these landmines before they even get close to them. I believe this is why they are more likely to be chosen than any other animals. These animals are outstanding if you realize it. They can do things we could never do. That is why the military is using them more often that they should. “More than 5 percent of the approximately 650 military dogs deployed by American combat forces are developing canine PTSD. Of those,about half are likely to be retired from service” (Burghardt 1). They can either recover or they can be damaged forever. “Stimulators can be very expensive but they can provide more human like features. This helps the military medics know more about the human body. Also this helps them be able to recognize what is really going on with the human. Rather than trying to compare the tests they done on the animals to the humans. So it is important to know your human anatomy as well. The animals can only get you so far. You have wasted more time into something that cannot benefit you only because you choose to take the easy route out.These animals go through things just like you do. So do not try to put them out there just because you are scared or you do not want to do what you are supposed to do. Step up, be the change. If you know what they are doing is wrong, say something. You are just as guilty as any other individual.Animal use in the military is not fair to the animals.They encounter problems just as well as any other human does. Yes, I understand you are trying to make everything easy for your soldier. In reality not everything is handed to you and not everything comes easy. Stop trying to take the easy way out and actually learn something. Step forward, dogs will not always be there whenever you need them. They will not be there to answer all your unsolved questions. Im sure they will not do away with animal use in the military but they can consider it. I believe that animal testing in the military has gone extremely too far. What they are doing is completely unacceptable. I am sure that there is someone out there who has a totally different opinion than me. I completely understand that. I guess it is easier to get an animals  instead of using a stimulator.In conclusion I believe that animals should not be put on the field. Only because they can have problems in the future just like any other soldier. If you sign up for it , do not use animals to do your work. You signed up for a reason and you knew what you were getting yourself into. Let these animals live the life that they are supposed to live. Not the life you dictate them to live. Animals have feelings too.These animals can become emotionally damaged. And you wonder why some of them act the way they do. It is because you all made them that way and they are forced to live traumatized. Only because you chose to take the easy way out. Sometimes the easy way is not always the best way. These animals have families just like you. These people love and adore their animals so why take them away from the only place that they are loved. Just so you can put them through a hard time and force them to do the tasks because they do not have a voice. A voice to tell you whether or not they want to do it. Well guess what im their voice,  I will speak up for them if nobody else does. Treat these animals with respect, just because they cannot tell you what is wrong does not mean you do whatever you want to them.


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