In resources or other friend’s network. The

In my perception, we never
recognize my father effort on family, but under the limitation of family rules,
he never requests our concern congruent. After I am aware of this pattern of
communication, I could accept his advice on me, not the complaint and realized
that he needs our concern and love very much.

Nowadays, my family
operated an open system with rigid boundaries, because we can with other family
members to share and discuss the family problems and daily issues. Let me can
no stress to get support for the outer system. Such as my mother, our
boundaries are clear; they easy to make me feel comfortable and they will give
much emotional support and let me express my feelings.


Another, I felt lucky
because the present my father with my boundaries is clear, for me his family
role is the good listener because he is trying to spend the time to hear our
voice and give some advice. But my family still needs to face my grandmother
health problems, when my parents have no idea to face the pain of the
grandmother; they are weak to find the support in the network. And I will try
to help them to search such as the government resources or other friend’s


The main problem with my
family, it was getting worse than my parents worry about grandmother, should
release her stress level, finding resources from the society and acknowledging
the problem of the family is important. According to Minuchin, he said families
having problems often present themselves as weaker than they are when they
interact with representatives of the service system. ( Minuchin, Colapinto
& Minuching, 1998). If they can more communicate with others, the tension
and disagreement between them are eased and reduced.

In the family life cycle,
my parents face the families in late life, the adjustment to retirement and
aging. Further, I think they should be explored their strength that they
treasure each other, my parent thinks retirement is the unrealistic perception
and thought contributed to her stress which now replaced with self-enhancing

Besides, the suggestion for
further strengthening explore the resource around the client including family
members and community and help the parents realize the retirement plan and
decrease the stress level.


Exploring family members
and the interaction between the family members could give us a clearer picture
to analyze the situation and contribute the future intervention, analysis and
planning the action plan. Thus, the genogram can help me to analysis the whole
picture of the family. It helps me to adjust the action plan of mobilizing the
family members.


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