In being the window breaking campaign –

In human history, it is an undeniable fact that women have hada tremendous impact and without their efforts; the world as we know it would beunrecognisable.  Despite numerous countsof discrimination, women overcome the relentless barriers restricting theirskills and talents.

  In essence, EmmelinePankhurst and her daughters embarked a dangerous journey opposing the verymoral conduct of early 1900’s Britain through various methods of protest, themost famous of which being the window breaking campaign – groups of womendesperate for the vote broke countless windows this put pressure on insurance companies who in turn forced action fromthe government.   Cleopatra became pharaoh at roughly age 17 yetstill managed to form a strong alliance with the Roman Empire using her perspicaciouspolitical flair.  Amelia Earhart was thefirst female to fly across the Pacific Ocean and the first person to attemptflying around the world.  Marie Curiecreated waves in the scientific world – her research led to the discovery ofradioactivity and the element radium. Yet these monumental efforts in history are disregarded simply becausewomen are responsible.  Yet to this datein sport women achieve, train, compete to the same standard as men women’ssport still accounts for a pitiful 0.4% of the commercial investment going intoall sports and for only 7% of total sports coverage in the media.

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  Being incredibly invested in sport myself, Ifind the lack of opportunities for women in sport not only old fashioned butincredibly shocking and believe it is an incredibly important issue which mustbe addressed. There is clear evidence from a number of sources showing theparticipation – or lack thereof – of girls participating in sport throughouttheir school careers.  A common trendwhich has been highlighted is that girls’ participation in sport and PEdeclines over time.

  Across all yeargroups boys are consistently more likely to achieve 3 hours of PE, figures showthat 47% of boys did something active daily compared to the 26% of girls – sucha jump between genders portrays a clear issue which cannot be ignored.  This issue could be tackled by introducinggirls-only sessions with a wider range of activities to choose from, ensuringteachers are encouraging and most importantly changing attitudes towards girlsin sport which will improve the confidence of the girls who previously refusedto participate.  Despite some reluctanceto participate in school sport, studies show that girls continuously outperformboys in A-Level PE – studies show the 50% of girls achieve grade A*-B which isdrastically higher than the 34% of boys. With such clear evidence it is hard to suggest that girls are any lesscapable than boys when it comes to sporting achievement.


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