In available then Government can’t do anything,

Inthe year 2015-2016, the Government has launched one campaign which is known as’#GiveItUp’. This campaign has a purpose of encouraging the LPG customers whoare able to pay the market price for LPG to voluntarily give up their LPGsubsidy. In India LPG for domestic use is heavily subsidized by the Government.Because of huge population it carries huge annual subsidy burden on theGovernment. In the situation of surrendering the subsidies, government couldable to use these resources in developmental activities. Subsidy on domesticLPG should be there for those who really needs and those who can’t afford LPGat market price.

The connection between this campaign and Jurisprudence is thatit shows the relation between the Government and Economics. The theory of Economicssays that when there is proper concentration of resources then the state servesits people at its best. So if Government has ample number of resources then itcan do much more for its people but if proper resources are not available thenGovernment can’t do anything, even if it wants to do so.

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But luckily many ofpeople are not in favour of subsidies and they are ready to pay full price forLPG and by this, they are directly making a contribution towards thedevelopment of nation.Jurisprudencealso talks about the various concepts like social work and ethics. The theoryof social work talks about the welfare and development of society.

So in relationto this campaign, all those people those who are surrendering the subsidies,are basically helping the Government for accumulating the resources in the formof money and that money would be used for the interest of society and welfareof society. That means people are indirectly helping the society for itswelfare and development. As we all are aware that LPG is highly subsidizedgoods in India and according to one report, in year 2013-14 the burden on governmentin relation with subsidy was more than 40,000 crores. But by giving up thesesubsidies it can be used by government for various activities therebybenefitting all citizens.  Now here comesthe role of ethics as a part of Jurisprudence.

Ethics basically means how idealor prudent human should behave and what should be his/her conduct orbehaviour.  So if a man is financiallystrong and can easily afford LPG at market price, so he should surrender theLPG subsidy which is being provided by the government. By doing this they canbe a part this campaign and even they are indirectly doing the social work byhelping the government.

LPGsubsidies are for those who are not able to afford LPG at market price or theyare poor or those who comes in the category of below poverty line. As poor arethe one who needs the full support of government and to give them support,government needs the support and contribution of people like us those who arefinancially sound and could easily able to give up the LPG subsidy.


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