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In many countries today, everything is changed. Lifestyle and eating habits are the most things that have changed nowadays. These changes are different from my mother’s generation. Eating habits are the most important things in daily life. People cannot live without eating. It provides the person’s body with energy. There are many reasons to how eating habits has changed in my country.

In the past, tradition food has been changed since the UAE became one of the successful country which is brought globalized foods. UAE change the eating habits because of globalization. Which increases food from different types around the world. people who try to visit UAE they will not face any problem because the food is global and every nationality can find its food.

Nowadays Emirati eating habits have changed. Tradition food is important for Emirati people. People use to eat fresh meat from animals such as camels and goats. One of the most popular Emirati dishes is called Harees and it served in weeding and parties. Also, Machboos is popular and it is a rice dish made with meat or fish. Nowadays, you will can see chicken dishes, sushi, burgers and pastas.

The effects of globalized food are both positive and negative. These food effects on people’s life. Negative effects which include People will gain weight. Also, the new generation will not try the traditional food. The positive which is people will not travel to different countries to try their food.

In conclusion globalization has a significant influence on the way Emiratis habits eat. Globalization it benefits UAE. It is increasing UAE economic because it brings many tourists. In addition, globalization spreads too many restaurants in the UAE. Tradition food is also served in many restaurants around UAE. UAE had spread global food, but they reinforced the traditional food.


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