In like social area, search and rescue, medicine.

In our modern world,technology moves too fast to catch up with the needs and curiosity of people.In every single day, scientist and engineers works together to bring inventionsand innovation into daily lives of people. From ecology to electronics, theseadvancements, which have increased with the 20th century, havealtered the culture and habits of the society. Robotics is a considerable fieldof research that goes parallel with this progress and a joint research area ofengineering and science, which contains mechanical, electrical, and computerengineering and others. Robots have influenced lives of people in many areasfrom education to medicine. Due to its numerous benefits, even the mostdifficult and complex tasks have been overcome with the help of robots. Infact, they have entered lives of people so quickly that this human-robotinteraction have become a new field of research with the purpose of designing,and manufacturing robots for use by or with humans.

Above all, with thedevelopment of robotics, human-robot interactions have influenced people’slives positively in the following areas: entertainment, search and rescue, andmedicine.To conclude, human-robotinteraction is a worthwhile field of research that helped humanity highly andshowed its effects in many distinct fields like social area, search and rescue,medicine. Educational robots have helped children that dealing with school byinteracting with them to increasing their motivation. On the other hand,assistive robots aided people with particular disease to help them get relaxedand feel comfortable. Search and rescue robots have helped people to recoverfrom dangerous situations they were in, directly and indirectly, and have speedup search operations and reduced the workload of people that work inoperations. When it comes to the surgery robots, these robots demonstrate asuccessful example regarding completing the surgeries without minimal harm tothe human body by the use of miniature robots and tele-manipulator systems suchas Da-Vinci. Human-robot interaction is the key technology of the future and ithas a great importance with the prosperity of humanity. In the near future, theinteractions between humans and robots will be more common and take a big partin lives of people.

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Robots will help people to cope with more complex andchallenging tasks such as operating surgeon. In general, state of the arttechniques that are used in the robotics field should be improved cautiously tomaximize the beneficial effects of robots in daily lives of people. For furtherresearches, the mechanical structure of robots must be better researched not toencounter critical failure situations.


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