In this Modern era , cybercrime has became abuzzword .

Basically Cybercrime means illegalactivity through computer or related devices as a tool and the internet as aconnection in order to reach a variety of objectives .In this paper,we will try to discuss about cybercrime in detail including thetypes, methods, technical reasons and adverse impact of cyber crimes on a networkas well as the behavior , psychology behind this crime & some effective solutions.Hackers were first startedcybercrime by trying to break into computer networks.

Some of them have done itonly for the thrill of accessing high-level security networks, but others forsought to gain many sensitive, classified and secret materials. Criminalsstarted to infect computer networking systems with viruses that leds tobreakdowns on  business as well aspersonal computers. Nowadays,hackers and other criminals in thevirtual world are always trying to get the most sensitive and secret data &information at least amount cost by viruses and also other types of malicioussoft-wares.Infact , the Internet is thelargest chain of computer network that are connected together which had a greatimpact to connect us globally by allowing the transmission of information, messages,and data .Besides these opportunities, Unfortunately this largest networkconnectivity also allows lawless individuals to communicate with other lawlessindividuals as well as with their victims.  Some common Cybercrimes are:1.

Phishing Scams2. Online Scams3. Malware4. Email Bombing5. Virus Dissemination6.

Logic Bombs7. Theft8. Social Media Hack & Spamming9. Electronic Money Laundering10. Sales & Investment Fraud11. Eavesdropping &Surveillance12. Software Piracy13. Data Diddling14.

Salami Slicing Attack15. Hacking(website ,socialaccount)16. Cyber Stalking17. Cyber Bullying18. Identity Theft19.

Child Soliciting & Abuse20. Ransomware 


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