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In Canada marijuana has long been an illegal substance and its neighbour below, the U.S has listed it as a Schedule I drug, which is said to have a high potential for abuse, no medical use, and not safe to use under medical supervision. With times changing and new studies/research coming out, to list some examples it has been prescribed to some patients with: cancer, pain and mental illnesses . The Canadian government has finally decided to go forward with legalization of this plant for 2018, thanks to Trudeau and the Liberal party. However, here are my thoughts on this subject and why I believe marijuana legalization should happen.Getting into the medicinal aspect, research has been shown that it aids cancer patients and plenty of other terminally ill patients. With recreational use there hasn’t been any linked deaths from marijuana consumption but when that gets compared to say alcohol and tobacco, which are both completely legal. It’s completely harmless. Imagine this: One day, you found out your father was very sick. He was suffering and in an incredible amount of pain. Your doctor told you there was a drug that could stop his pain, but for political reasons, he couldn’t prescribe it. This drug is marijuana.Another reason for the legalization is to decriminalize it as well hopefully, meaning people that use this for relief don’t have to worry about being charged for possessing it. Many people have clean records with just marijuana related charges from when they were probably younger, these charges can affect their chances when applying to some jobs. Also for those that use the plant for recreational use won’t have to worry about harsh charges such as trafficking when carrying large amounts.My last point is going to be educating our youth and everyone else on marijuana, breaking the stigma of it being the “devil’s lettuce”. Examples being: restructuring what kids are taught about marijuana in health class, making sure the youth know they should not be using marijuana unless they are of legal age, showing people the statistics and research of how marijuana is safer than alcohol & tobacco. The Canadian government set the minimum age for marijuana use and purchase in Ontario at 19+. I stand behind this as the brain isn’t usually fully developed until around 25. Now the year is 2018, technology has come a long way, there is money to be made off cannabis! Whether it be stocks, cultivation and marijuana infused products. I’m glad Canada has found a way to boost it’s economic growth.Well as you can see, there are plenty of reasons why marijuana should be legal in Canada, and even more reasons as to why it shouldn’t be illegal. I just have a few more things to say before I wrap up. Marijuana of course should be used wisely and commercials should come out informing those who are using it that it’s not okay to drive under any influence. Marijuana has it’s negatives such as tar build up in the lungs however it’s a natural growing plant and there are no carcinogens that normally reside in tobacco products, second hand smoke produced is safer than tobacco smoke, and the ability to slow down brain development in youth which is why children should not be using it. I really hope decriminalization is next after the legalization as this will stop our youth from ending up with pointless tickets/charges/tainted records or jail time for possession/consumption but I guess the government wants to keep innocent people in jail or and continue wasting more taxpayers money.  


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