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In the stories that we have read, the short story that stuck out the most to me to be considered a feminist writing would be “Story of an Hour” written by Kate Chopin. Reading the short story again, while this time looking for feminist details, I found that Louise Mallard considered herself stronger without the presence of a man. I noticed more clues that could point to feminism more then the first time I read it. The definition of feminism would be women are just a strong and equal to men. When Louise was informed her husband died she became excited because she took this is a chance of freedom. Perhaps in their relationship he was very controlling of her. Which lead her to feel trapped, then in his passing allowed her to be free. 
Perhaps if her husband’s death is not taken literally, maybe the loss of the male figure who could have been holding her down. Allowed her to gain her freedom and strength. She wanted to become independent as a woman after his passing.  In this story, the author says that when alone Louise felt trapped being married. Because she’s always listened to her husband demands. She kept saying the one word over and over again “free”. Which means she felt trapped. Her new independence made her want to live again and have a strong life. To how she felt trapped and inconvenienced and life because of her husband. She believed she was dead she found freedom through death. The ending of his life was her new beginning. Louisa’s friends initially thought that the news of her husband’s death is what would kill her. But not the excitement that she had. Her friends not knowing shows that she was secretly being held down by her husband. Because they did not know this is her freedom.
She became emotional as we expected, but instead of sadness she was excited. Because of her heart condition, her emotional response of when her husband was seen alive, she did die because she was very sad.  What broke her heart was her husband coming back because that meant she would not be able to be free. I believe the lack of power Louise had as a female, being controlled by her husband. Is what led her two want To become a strong female uncontrolled by any male figure. This is a strong example of feminism. 


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