In protective system of the body is

In a healthy person bodyheat, blood pressure, heart beat the speed, the number of breaths and the depthare in balance.

If the balance of the body is not maintained, the health isnegative affected. Our bodies have protective systems against to diseases.One of the most important thing that supports the protectivesystem of the body is eating and drinking healthy.Good nutrition is an indispensable condition of health. Healthy nutrition is balanced nutrition. For the regular andbalanced operation of the cells that make up our body, we must take insufficient quantities of nutrients from fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitaminsand minerals. Healthy nutrition must be made into a habit from childhood.

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When people eat and do sport well they don’t easily get sick. Having a regular diet protects people from illness. Whenhealthy nutrition can be provided health problems caused by nutritionaldeficiencies as well as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancercan be prevented.The best way to protect our bodies against external orinternal factors is to have a healthy diet. For example, there is a relationship between salt consumption andhigh blood pressure. Those with high blood pressure should reduce the amount ofsalt in their meal.

Saturated oils should be preferred to unsaturated oilsduring fat intake. We should avoid from industrial oils. A large amount of bodyfluids such as blood, stomach fluid, saliva, and urine contains water. If waterbalance is provided, our metabolism will work properly.Despite that inadequate and unbalanced nutrition affects thehealth. For example, the obese person’s energetic foods are too much, regulatoryand constructive restorative nutrients are less than necessary.

Also development of children with malnutrition slowsdown and in adults the disease strength reduces. For this reason we should payattention to eating regularly and healthy.


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