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In 2013, Black lives matter (BLM) began asa public grievance in response to the discharge of George Zimmerman, aneighbourhood watch cop that shot the 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. From there onout it has spiralled into a social movement. In this paper I will analyse the Ideologyof Black lives matter as well as how it has managed to use new and social mediaas a mobilizing force both online and offline.  This analysis of the Black Lives Mattermovement (BLM) tries to clarify how a hash tag, that was created by a few womenonline, has mobilized the outrage of thousands of people. I will pay specialattention to how the movement has quickly grown aided by new and social media.

 Black lives Matter started in 2013 with thehashtag #blacklivesmatter on social media. The creator of this hashtag wasPatrice Cullors. She responded to the acquittal of George Zimmerman and thecollective anger that spread among the black community that followed. Thehashtag was shared on a Facebook post of Alicia Garza, where she voiced hergrief. These women gave a voice to the black community around the united statesby providing them with an online media presence were they could support this hashtagthat quickly grew into a movement. Over time, more and more similar shootingsto the one of Trayvon martin started happening and the movement went fromonline to offline; After the shooting in Ferguson, the African Americancommunity of the united states massively took to he streets to protest and riotunder the hashtag #Ferguson.

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After the Charleston shooting, followers of BlackLives Matter occupied a mall and later the expression ‘Black lives matter’ was implementedby politicians (Day, 2015).  Now a days there are more than 30 chaptersof Black Lives matter and it has turned into a well known phrase both onlineand offline. The movement has become official by creating a website andchapters with “leaders”. On the website they clearly state their ideology whichshows they came a long way since the hashtag.   BlackLives Matter IdeologyThe Black Lives Matter movement in its entiretycan be viewed as a “political actor”. The message and ideology the black livesmatter movement sets out to portray is stated on their website.

The most directmessage seems to be the struggle for equality of black people in regards to therest of the population. From here on, one can easily draw a link with the CivilRights movement of the 50’s. They even draw this link themselves on theirwebsite because the share the same ideology and are striving for the sameideals such as the empowerment of the black community.  While it may seem that the subject ofpolice brutality is the main driving force behind the Black Lives Mattermovement and their most outspoken message, there are much more issues theyconcern themselves with. Some of the issues are oppression and demotion in the AfricanAmerican community, as well as issues surrounding LGBTQ members within black community.

I’ve found the following quote on their website regarding these issues: “Black Lives Matter is a unique contributionthat goes beyond extrajudicial killings of Black people by police andvigilantes. It goes beyond the narrow nationalism that can be prevalent withinBlack communities, which merely call on Black people to love Black, live Blackand buy Black, keeping straight cis Black men in the front of the movementwhile our sisters, queer and trans and disabled folk take up roles in the backgroundor not at all.”? (Black LivesMatter, n.d.

). ?  This statement is essential for what theBlack Lives Matter movement aspires to be. On the one hand they quote the CivilRights Movement and identify with it, but they critique it as well. At it’s base,the Black Lives Matter can be perceived as a feministic and LGBTQ-friendly typeof the Civil Rights Movement. It will come as no surprise then that the civilrights activist that the black lives matter website quotes, is female. In linewith this, the Black Lives Matter foundation story’ is called a ‘herstory’ bythe movement, a term frequently linked with feminism.

The quoted text speaksout against the history of black heterosexual, cisgendered men seeking creditfor the accomplishments of black, queer, women. The Black Lives Matter movementcalls out the black community itself on its behaviour towards minorities withinthe group. While the Black Lives Matter movement is generally connected topolice brutality and the battle against racism, the BLM movement is also atleast somewhat a feminist movement for LBGTQ people


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